Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Those with stupid birthday hats on their heads and the people who have the job of cutting the cake. Listen, the stupid birthday hat on my head is mine! I run the risks. So the next time, I want more than half of the damn cake.
It is V-man, the Tuco worshiper of Velociworld's birthday all day Wednesday, April 11th. It's the big 5-something or another. I tried to work the math out but I'm not so good at that.

Here's wishing him a happy birthday and I'm sure there will be ample adult beverages and here's hoping he manages to stay out of jail on his special day.


  1. Erica said...
    Oh, that is very excellent...and I do believe that this particular birthday of his is the one in which a zero appears at the end of his age. John Lennon actually whispered this to me from the grave.
    Anne Johnson said...
    Ha ha, Blondie! You see what happen now, eh Blondie!

    OMG, I f***** LOVE that movie!

    Happy Birthday and many more to anyone who loves Tuco!

    If he's 50, I'm almost there myself.
    Rhea said...
    I like to hear about other people turning 5-0. I'm 48. It's schadenfreude, I guess.
    johnieb said...
    Fifty? Fifty? Ha! I spit in the general direction of your steekin fifty!
    Velociman said...
    Oh, ho! Throwing ages around, are we? Love the pic. Thankee for the birthday wishes.

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