Monday, May 14, 2007

I will be a woman of fewer words this week.

Planting has begun in the Garden o' Doom!

Today I knocked out four rows of Turkey Craw beans, two rows of Kentucky Wonders, three rows of half runners, two rows of McCaslins and four rows of royal burgundy bush beans. The pole beans will be growing on my Russian Mammoth sunflowers. Should be quite a sight if all goes as planned. I still have about 20 feet left on this 50 foot X 20 foot plot to plant in purple hulled cow peas, but I'm out of seed for those.

I'm planting so many beans because I'm almost out of my canned green beans from my last bumper crop of the things. This particular plot of the garden also needs some nitrogen fixing.

My buddy, Elvis Drinkmo, over on Appalachian Greens has thrown down the gauntlet of the humongous tomato. I take my giant vegetables very seriously indeed. I'll be pulling out the big guns of goat poop tea and extreme suckering for this one.

This is WAR, I tell you!


  1. Peggy said...
    While you are at war I'll be the taste tester for both of ya :) Planting my beans but am late for around here.
    johnieb said...
    I think, in fairness, as a friend of all the parties who have spoken up so far, including the instigator, an as yet un-named SATM in Tennessee named Sadie Baker--oops--there ought to be a special category for users of goat poop tea, as it is fair for all parties to a gunfight to have at least one gun.

    When are the entries to be expected for judging, Dave?
    Chris said...
    Rosie, I hope I haven't been prying too much into your big sister's life. That would not be good.
    kaliblue said...
    I'm soo envious at all the good beans your planting. We didn't get the garden done up this year so all I'll have is a few tomatoes *sigh*. That means my local farm buddies up the street will be seeing me lots here in a few months when everything starts coming in:-). I'm sooo ready for some good fresh vegetables I tell ya.
    johnieb said...
    We will start to buy plants this weekend in New England to go in the ground after a couple of weeks toughening off in containers.

    This time of year's when I most miss the South: sob.

    Then again, the end of August is often cool and pleasant here; expect me then to regale y'all with heirloom tomato stories, clambakes, & recipes galore. "Jes you wahait, 'enry 'iggins, jes you wahait.
    Googie Baba said...
    Happy Spring, have a great time in your garden.

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