Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Market Day

Morristown First Monday Market

I was expecting to be really busy today. I had to go to town and pay bills and do shopping. Then turn around and drive to Asheville for my rheumatologist appointment. But the doctor was ill and cancelled, so it turned out being not so bad. Except that I hadn't slept all night long. I hate that when I peek out of the covers and see the light coming over the mountain and know that I still haven't fallen asleep.

I stopped off at the Chinese for lunch and took a book to read since I was by myself. Pastor Jimmy and Pam came in. It was so good to see them! We talked about snakehandling and Popcorn Sutton and all that. I'm going to go back to his church this Sunday. He said the New York PBS station was doing a special on him.

Pastor Jimmy asked me if I'd be interested in collaborating with him on his Appalachian Folktales book. He's got 300 handwritten pages of research compiled. Of course, I'd love nothing better! But he does already have an editor and told him I wouldn't want to take a project away from Dr. Hood. He didn't seem to think it would be a problem, but I'd feel better knowing I wasn't snatching a project. But I sure would love to craft some of those folktales into proper stories. Oh, yes, I would!

He wants me to come by his house and see all of his research he and Pam have there at the house. I asked him about the beautiful verse books I saw in his church archives. He made those lovely things with the hand bound covers. He also makes dolls and walking sticks. I'm very eager to see those since I'm such a huge fan of folk art. I'd love to have one of my very own for my collection. was a good day after all. Not too rushed and I caught a nap when I got home.


  1. Kim said...
    If Pastor Jimmy will drink my Wild Turkey I'll drink his strychnine, heh heh. Then maybe we can handle serpents. Pix at 11!
    seejanemom said...
    That sounds like a day in Heaven.

    I just love serendipity. I can think of NO ONE more capable to handle those stories!!!! BOL.

    And I am sorry you are an insomniac. I can sympathize.

    I get psychotic without sleep.

    I than usual.
    kaliblue said...
    A good day was had:-). Isn't there some festivals fixin to be held with all the crafts and storytelling going on?. I know this coming weekend in Rugsby they have a big festival happening. Go to and see all the goings on in all counties of TN :-).
    Kerry Madden said...
    I love your blog - I'm going to order DEW ON THE KUDZU...I write children's novels set in the Smokies. Thanks for all your great stories, posts, and links.

    All best
    Kerry Madden
    Rosie said...
    Hey Kerry,

    Thank you so much, and thanks for stopping by. I'm not sure you can order the's an ezine.

    Dew on the Kudzu

    Idgie was the first editor to forgive me for my unfortunate dependence on blogging as a way of developing my best stories and articles. So, she takes my stories even though they have first appeared on the SMB.

    I will most certainly pick up copies of your books. Gentle's Holler sounds charming.

    Thanks so much, again. It's nice to have a real writer who has navigated the gauntlet of publishing visit and complement me. I'm hopeful that if I get to work with Pastor Jimmy and his folktales that it will help me overcome some of my own resistance to the submissions process. It just takes so much time away from actually know?
    Kerry Madden said...
    It's grueling this publishing business - did I spell that right? I think I did...but my philosophy (unsolicited, I know) is not to take no for gracious and tenacious...and just know that it will take soooooooooo long but that's okay. I watched my first novel, OFFSIDES, get remaindered and sent off to the land of lost books (glue factory) but gentle's holler is plugging along, and louisiana's song just came out. I'm doing a reading/signing at Ghost Town in the Sky in July. I know Popcorn Sutton from Maggie Valley. Anyway, get those preacher stories...and you're living such a great life in the mountains. I hope to live in the mountains one day. We're so entrenched in Los Angeles, but I go to the Smokies everyday in my fiction.

    All best

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