Sunday, May 06, 2007

I stopped off on the way back from the Ramps Festival to take a few shots of the newborn colt who showed up a day ago at Ronald's barn. I'm afraid it was pretty hard to get shots of...mainly because he was just way too friendly.

He kept pushing his little head through the bars of the round fence to see if the camera was tasty. He grabbed all of my fingers and thoughtfully held them in his mouth. I love how baby horses emerge with fully formed little horse souls.

He's a Tennessee Walking Horse baby. Most of the horses around here are gaited. It's sort of a guy thing. Where I grew up, the barns and stables were full of horse-crazy girls of all ages. Here, it is just the opposite. Every little boy dreams of having his own walking horse.

It was sort of a horsey day. We stopped by a guy's walking horse barn to see if he might have any hay he could sell for the upcoming winter. There was a dappled gray gelding I took a shine to. He was a big friendly fellow and he seemed to like me a good bit too.

The fellow showed off his Tennessee Fainting Goat to me. She needed some foot work and I told the fellow to have his farrier do her feet when next he visited. Then on the way home, we passed a buggy drawn by a stunning matched pair of white mules. I have a real soft spot for the "long-ears".

Hope you are having a really wonderful, happy Sunday.


  1. googiebaba said...
    He's beatiful.
    busybusymomma said...
    Aww, he has such a sweet face!

    Re: the cups- reports amongst those with the heavies varies but my mom reported it was easier than having to deal with the super plus etc. I'm hoping to order tomorrow, you can email me busybusymomma @ if you want to try to order... the retail price is in the $32.50-$35.00 range.

    I had a lovely Sunday, worked all day long but it feels good to check off a few big things on my to-do list. :)
    bluemountainmama said...
    what a cutie! i remmeber being SO excited when a new foal was born when i was growing up. my mom raised quarter horses.

    we had a beautiful sunday....hope yours was too. sounds like it!
    samuel said...
    What? No picture of the mule team? Of course the baby pictures area also great, but the mule team has piqued my interest.
    kaliblue said...
    I just love colts!!!! :-). They are just to darn precious:-). My step father raised TN Walkers. Oh how I loved to go to the barn and watch all the excitement and goings on with training, washing the horses down, and preparing for upcoming shows. The Fainting goats are so cute. It's kinda sadistic in me to laugh when they fall over stiff and faint after yelling boo at them. I'm terrible I know:-).
    Have a great day ((hugs))
    Peggy said...
    You have such wonderful outings not matter what you are going out for! When Diva has her kids I hope to get up to visit daughter and love to meet and have a nice chat!
    googiebaba said...
    Ummm, I meant beautiful not beatiful.
    Anne Johnson said...
    I had a splendid Sunday and even saw a goat!

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