Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Erica has tagged me for this....despite the fact that my taste in films has nothing whatsoever to do with Appalachia.

This meme is actually a puzzle. And everyone mostly loves puzzles, right? Basically, I will give you the key words for the films as they appear in the IMDb and you get to guess which films I'm referring to.

Here are some of my favorite films...guess which ones they are....

1. Asia / 16th Century / Hope / Katana Sword / Showdown
2. Parallel World / Greed / Buddhist / Bathhouse / Bathing
3. Visually Impaired Person / Blindness / Blind / Police / Deputy
4. Wuxia Fiction / Messiah / Historical / Kung Fu / Martial Arts
5. Charm / Young Woman / Portal / Vanity / Dog
6. Hand Grenade / Pastiche / Eiffel Tower Paris / Very Little Dialogue / Baby Carriage
7. Ants / Controversial / Anti Clericalism / Surreal / Eye Injury
8. China / Wuxia Fiction / Christ Allegory / Visual Poetry / Asia
9. Surreal / Samurai / William Shakespeare / Shakespeare's Macbeth / Jidai Geki
10. Cremation / Gymnastics / Beach / Bombing / Aunt

All two of my Asian readers will probably get most of these.
Two of the films are not Asian.
None of the films are ones that my sister or I worked on.
At least two directors are repeated.
Extra pats on the back for including the English and foreign titles.

I will tag...

Pissed Off Housewife (since she is show folk like I used to be)
Betsy the Goat Yoda (since she has deep wisdom beyond goats and I'm curious!)
GoogieBaba (who will soon not have time for this nonsense)

I would tag Chris, if he had a blog, since I think he would enjoy this meme very much.

Pick out ten favorite movies, then look them up at IMDb. In the overview at the top of each movie's page, there are "Plot Keywords," usually five of them. (Plus more, if you click the link.) Take the first five, and post them. Then the rest of us get to play movie buff and see if we can guess them.


  1. Pissed OFF Housewife said...
    Oh honey, I don't have the attention span movies require.

    But I'll give it a go and show you what a goof I am.
    Betsy aka 'the goat yoda' said...
    I don't have time to really get there to do the hunting, but I know I've seen #9 before- I'm unsure of the name.
    Googie Baba said...
    Thanks for tagging me, I will get right on it.
    Rosie said...
    Ah, Betsy...if you have seen no. 9, then you most likely have seen no. 1.
    Hayden said...
    not much of a movie person for years, but I'll give it a try.

    Meanwhile, I think I recognize Battleship Potemkin (6 ) and (9) IS Macbeth, I believe - the version directed by Kurasawa?
    Rosie said...
    Yay! Hayden, you got one!

    No. 9 is indeed Kumonosu jô aka Throne of Blood that was Kurosawa's treatment of Macbeth.

    No. 6 only used the much often gagged baby carriage from Potemkin. You know this one...the music was really wonderful and three of my goats are named after characters in it.
    Betsy aka 'the goat yoda' said...
    #2 is 'Spirited Away'?
    Betsy aka 'the goat yoda' said...
    #3 is House of Flying Daggers
    kaliblue said...
    Well chickie this just looks like your week to be tagged *LOL*. I've tagged ya too. Come see what I've done did:-).
    johnieb said...
    One is Kurosawa: Seven Samurai?
    Betsy aka 'the goat yoda' said...
    signing on
    Rosie said...

    Betsy, you got both of those. Actually there was a dreadful English dub of Flying Daggers on last night. The continuity on the final scene of that film is all over the place but strangely works for me.

    Yes, JohnieB...if I could only watch one film for the rest of my life, it would be Seven Samurai.

    I'm probably going to be a bit awol for the next few days. Lightning took out the modem on my main machine so I'm limping along on the laptop until the replacement comes.
    Erica said...
    I'll have you all know (heh-heh) what kind of a wondrously sweet and kind person Rosie is. I tag homegirl, and what do I get? She proceeds to name EVERY SINGLE MOVIE I listed and thereby puts the Goat-Piss Crimp on MY comments, while she goes ahead and gets herself 12 comments, for the meme that I tagged her for.

    Oh, I'm sorry, Rosie...I didn't know you were listening. *mwah* *mwah* *mwah*...You know I only say nice things about you, right?

    Bad Alice said...
    #7 is Un Chien Andalou by Bunuel

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