Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Great thing about the goats...when I got nothin' they usually have something.

But actually I do have a little something. I know I've already plugged Hidden Haven Homestead and goatie Diva's "laying in".....but Peggy has a baby pool going! Who doesn't love a baby pool!

It's still not too late to put your choices in for the day and number of baby goats Diva is going to have! The prize is a gift basket of Peggy's luscious goat milk soaps. I know I have lots of mommies who read the Breakdown...and a special bar of her Mommies and Babies soap will be included in the giveaway.

I'm down for tomorrow for triplets. Cross your fingers for me!

I guess I've just shoved all that baby goat spit up into my repressed memory zone and am eager for more.


  1. Peggy said...
    you might just win. Diva is in early stages of labor. She is having a amber discharge and for 15 minutes every couple of hours she is having contractions along with the moaning and crying and pushing her head against the wall. After they are over she gets up and walks around then goes back and lays down. Her ligaments aren't completely soft yet but her bag is tight and full.
    Anonymous said...
    I couldn't get on the posting function of Peggy's blog- but my bet is it is a big single BUCK!

    The date is not important as long as it is healthy!

    goat yoda
    truevyne said...
    Dear Roseanne,
    Stumbled upon your blog today. I was wondering if you have any nannies for sale, and live close enough for me to come buy one. I really want another pregnant goat. I have nubians too, but I do not like keeping a buck. I'd be willing to just borrow a buck if you have one to lend. Bucks are too stinky for me to keep around, and my little girl is intimidated by bucks- hope you don't mind me saying so. I live in Loudon, TN.
    email: truevyne at aol dot com
    googiebaba said...
    Hi Rosie,

    I have absolutely no idea how many to guess...everything I know about goats I know from your blog. But, I relate to repressing memories. Finally, my baby sleeps through the night, and now I am desperate for another one.
    seejanemom said...
    HOW MUCH baby goat vomit.

    I mean. Like, a LOT?

    EVERY baby goat does this?

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