Saturday, August 25, 2007

Fantastic Four Meme

Kazari _lu has tagged me for a meme.

Now, the last time I was tagged, I decided to institute a new tradition...the no-strings meme. Basically what this means is that I'll throw out a gang of links at the end of the post. If you want to participate...fine. If you don't...don' comment is I don't want to hear about how many times you've already been tagged. Technorati doesn't care. I'm not trying to piss you off...I'm just throwing you some free link love. Get it?

4 jobs I've had

Convention Model for Ian Anderson's(Jethro Tull) Smoked Salmon Company
Phone Book Editor
Professional Psychic /Cold Reader
John Cullum's Personal Makeup Artist

4 places I've lived

Staverton-near-Trowbridge, UK
Atlanta, GA
Dallas, TX
Los Angeles, CA

4 places I've holidayed
(this is hard...I was a traveler...I don't know that I've really ever been on a vacation)
Paris, France
Bayeux, France
New York City
London, UK

4 favourite foods

Thinly sliced beef tongue (yeah...well...I almost did it for food porn but figured you guys would hang me.)
Sushi/Sashimi (favorites are uni, ama-ebi, unagi, hamo, hamachi...I'll try anything though)
Extremely stinky cheeses
I like cake. A lot. And Apricot Flan.

4 places I'd rather be

What in the world are you talking about? Can't I just have the people I'd rather be with sent here?

Here are my random tags. You may participate...or not. There are no strings...just free link love to boost your ranking.

Absence of the Mind and Body
Appalachian Writers
Cubby Goes Digital
Ducks Mahal
Erica's Blog
Farmgirl Fare
Fetch me my axe
Fun in Flatland
Glastonbury Farm
Hidden Haven Homestead
Karen Road Chronicles
Lyric Flight
Mamma Loves...
Mommy on the Floor
Moonmeadow Farm
no school, just learning
Northview Diary
oya baka mama
Ruminations Of A Country Girl
Simply Chumly
Straight White Guy
Sue Doe-Nim
SusieQ's Place
Tennessee Jed
The Gods Are Bored
Rooster Hill Farm
12 Happy Chickens
DC Comictician on Star Trekiology


In other news... I've just done a big cleanup on the blog rolls and links. If you notice that you've been removed in error...just drop me a line and I'll put you back. I'm very good usually about reciprocating links but the blogroll is getting to the point where I'm weeding out non-reciprocating matter how fabulous I think their blog is.

I apologize for not getting around and commenting as much as I did this spring. Some of your pages take me five minutes to load on my 24K dialup. So...if you have a very graphical page or very big graphics...or one of the old slow blogger templates, like that antique paper on olive green patterned background, or's going to be hard for me to visit very often. Evidently, the dryness has done something weird to our phone lines. Hopefully, when the weather cools down and the rains begin...connection speeds will improve.

Next week, brace yourself for Appalachian Women's Week on the SMB. I'll be doing lots of ficlets and essays on the women of Appalachia. I've got some new fiction you haven't seen that should be enjoyable. I'm guestblogging on Feministe beginning on Monday and will be running companion pieces to those posts here.


  1. Elvis Drinkmo said...
    I'll try to participate somehow, but I cannot use "Fantastic Four" because it alludes to a group of four false prophets from Marvelite blasphemy and that would be of great offense the Martian Manhunter.
    Rosie said...
    I certainly didn't want to offend your faith, Elvis. Perhaps your could change the name of the meme and have the Martian Manhunter relate some DC Comictician wisdom through the meme.

    Yours in mecha moe loli emo.

    Lord Sesshoumaru be with you.

    The anima-ist.
    threecollie said...
    Thank you for selecting me. I enjoyed doing this and I appreciate the link, thanks.
    Mallow said...
    Thank you for the link love. How have you been?

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