Thursday, August 30, 2007

Lilly of the Holler

The polished, final draft of this story has been accepted for publication. In keeping with the SMB's policy, this rough has been removed.

I will provide linkage where you may purchase the magazine or read the story in its final draft form on publication.


The companion essay to this work of fiction is called "Love, Redemption... Retribution" and is posted on Feministe. Please read it!


  1. threecollie said...
    These stories are fabulous. I can't wait to read each new one and told the guys about the last two at breakfast this morning. Wonderful!
    KMTBERRY said...
    I am a big fan of your now!

    I thank Feministe....YAY

    (technical question: would a woman who went without enough to eat have uupholsterer's thread? Wouldn't she be likely to just have Quilting thread?)
    Paul said...
    Gee, it's like the then-famous CR/SC incident when I was in sixth grade, only it has more violence than sex, lol.

    SC similarly wasn't so bright, at least didn't do well in school, and one day as kids emerged from hanging up their coats in the coat closet, which was really big and long and set back into the rear wall, half the class emerged from the closet kind of tittering that SC had just kissed CR.

    It was so sudden and dramatic, plus CR didn't say a word when she came out of the closet that it looked to be more than rumor...

    Our first sex scandal, sort of...
    Elizabeth said...
    Love it. Reminds me of when I was a kid, doing a report on "Ghost Stories and Legends of NC," and reading all the tales from the mountains (I grew up in Currituck County, where it was all about Virginia Dare and sunken ships).

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