Sunday, August 26, 2007

The day started out overcast and I was half afraid the Reunion was going to get rained out. But instead, it gave us a small respite from the oppressive heat that has been covering the mountain.

The large Hall family has their reunion every August on the third Sunday. It’s the largest family reunion in Cocke county. People come from all over the US to the old Bell Hill property to celebrate and catch up with long lost cousins. Today it looked like at least 500 had made the pilgrimage to Hall’s Top Mountain.

The reunion is held on the grounds of the old Bell Hill Church and Schoolhouse where so many Halls grew up and went to school. The current building is not the original. That one burned down some time ago. But they still have a bell to call the family in for the singing and that gave Bell Hill its name.

The food is laid out in a shed that must be 100 feet long. And still, there is hardly enough room for all of the dishes. I, of course, ate way too much.

The singing portion of the Hall Family Reunion is some of the best you will hear. Family Elder, Ransom Hall, led the family in some rousing gospel favorites. He is the son of “Singing” Sam Hall, who originally taught everyone to sing up on the mountain using the sacred harp method.

Food and Hall Family Members

The young....

And the young at heart...

And the "Goodness, we need a nap!"...

Even some doggies!

And everyone is cousins with Friend Scott!

And then the bell rang for the singing!

Ransom Hall led the singing with his son-in-law...

Doing happy bird hands to "I'll Fly Away"

See you next year!!!

If you'd like more information on the Hall and Bible families, check out the excellent Hall and Bible Family Genealogy Page.

And...hope you are having a very happy Sunday!


  1. Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...
    I am always inpressed with large extended families. My family is very small as my father's origins are partially unknown. My son on the other hand married into two very large French Canadian families. At the last Renaud reunion seven hundred of their closest relatives signed the guest book.

    Then again the Acadian French in Eastern Canada have reunions that stagger the imagination. 15,000 at the last Leblanc reunion.
    bluemountainmama said...
    i'm friends with some Bibles up here....i had never heard that name before i met them.

    looks like a wonderful time. do they still sing using sacred harp?

    we don't have enough extended family for family reunions and i always look longingly when we drive by one. although, now i'm close enough to go to reunions for my grandfather's side of the family. i don't have any direct relatives alive anymore, but i know if i showed up, i'd be warmly embraced.
    Sue Doe said...
    Okay, so are related to Friend Scott?

    We have a pretty big family on one side but on the other it's just guesswork, you can thank the Germans for that.
    Audubon Ron said...
    Friend Scott's hair in pretty good shape these days.
    buzhall said...
    My name is William Delton Hall,Jr.My grandfather was William Edward Hall who lived in Slater South Carolina.I have known kin in Greenwood,SC and in Morresburg,NC.Just wanted to say Howdy!

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