Sunday, October 07, 2007

Happy Sunday ~ My Place

Somebody said they wanted to see my view. Above is my house and part of the land. There is a good bit of it....20.5 acres of it. And here is part of my view.

And here's another part of it.....

I began the sad business of packing up my house so that the realtor can come over and take pictures to list it. Yes...I am selling out. It's a financial decision more than anything else. I'm hopeful that an equally wonderful place as this one, that I'll love every bit as much as this one will make itself known to me. Preferably someplace even more secluded and with a barn and outbuildings.

Honestly though, I will leave huge chunks of my heart here. My first real home.

Happy Sunday.


  1. Maridmitch said...
    Do you intend to stay in Cocke County? Or even Tennessee? What beautiful views!
    Hayden said...
    Ahhh, Rosie. I am sorry. Another door to go through, another world awaits - but it's hard to leave what you've learned to love. Will you be selling your goats?
    SusieQ said...
    How sad that you are having to leave your home. Good luck in finding another place.
    Rosie said...
    Hey Maridmitch! I don't know. It depends on what I can find and how much my place sells for. I'm looking in the Clinch Mountains, Western NC, Northern S.C. and generally in east Tennessee.

    Hayden, I'm having to reduce my herd by half just to get through this winter. There is no hay and I won't be able to feed all of them with round bales going for upward of 85.00. I'm selling the sheep too. That will leave me with five does. I plan to keep BossyToe, Vi-Vi, Bridey, Phoebe and Pearlie. Hopefully, they will move with me to seed the new herd.

    Thanks, Susieq. It is very sad.
    Audubon Ron said...
    Beautiful setting. Sorry your moving, but as you know, when God closes one door, he opens another. Who knows, you might even meet the fella of your dreams. GNAAA!! Win the lottery instead. You'll be happier, trust me.
    Peggy said...
    My heart aches that you are having to sell your beautiful mountain home. I wish I could afford it and I would snap it up and you could stay in your cabin and we could build a small one somewhere on the land. I know it hurts but I look forward to reading about your new adventures in your new homestead.
    Leeuna said...
    Hi Rosie,
    It's so sad that you will have to leave your mountain but a whole world awaits you out there. I wish you all the joy in the world.

    The one great thing about cyber friends is that no matter how many times they move away they never leave us. Thank God for computers. I am enjoying your writing so much. You've out done yourself on these last ones. I can't wait for parts II, III, IV...etc.

    Jbeeky said...
    I am so sad. That place looks amazing and I hope you land somewhere just as special!
    threecollie said...
    So beautiful. I am so sorry
    wen said...
    what a gorgeous place! i'm sure you'll find something equally wonderful (and with a barn & outbuildings). keep us posted!
    DaisyDeadhead said...
    Yes, a stunning view. It's almost as good as the one from the Biltmore house in Asheville, and you know who built that.

    I'd probably never leave! But good luck and my best wishes in attaining what you want!
    bonnie said...
    joining in the chorus.

    So sad to read. Hope you find someone who'll love it the way you do, and hope you'll find someplace better for you in whatever way you need.

    I am loving the spooky stories but wanted to come back to this post.
    Maridmitch said...
    I found your property for sale on Some beautiful photos there.

    I hope you attraat some qualified buyers.
    Mary said...

    My heart goes out to you, having to sell your beautiful mountain home. I've been exploring your blog and wish I could buy it. I would love to have a home in Tennessee. It is one of my favorite states.

    I pray you will find a home that is suitable to you at a cost you can afford. I will keep updated.

    Have a Super Saturday.


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