Friday, October 12, 2007

I got Nothin'

Sorry...I got nothin'. Don't have a food post...I'm in the week where I eat ramen and rice so I don't have anything for you.

BossyToe, however, came to the front door to have it es' more time...why she can't come in the house anymore. She quite enjoyed her childhood as a house goat and was feeling a bit nostalgic.


  1. threecollie said...
    House goat! I KNEW I liked you! We have had a couple of those and a house calf or two (temporarily of course) and a momentary house pony once when he got a little overenthusiastic about coming up on the steps to get a piece of bread. I like the concept.
    Mary said...
    My grandmother often brought animals into the kitchen to revive them by the cookstove, though she didn't raise goats.

    I enjoyed exploring your blog.

    Have a Super Saturday. That view is to die for.


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