Sunday, February 10, 2008

Well, I've been pretty useless today. Max spent the night outside. He was driving me crazy. He became obsessed with the items on the kitchen table. He does that now and again. Just goes nuts and decides to bark and jump at some imaginary thing. I gave him an amitryptyline to calm him down. Didn't work at all. Will use benadryl next time. Sometimes you just have to give him drugs to make him shut up. He's the Adrian Monk of dogs. I've known people like that too. Anyway. I finally made him sleep on the porch. Pulled the crate in the house this morning. That works sometimes.

Today I have a drabble for you. A drabble is a very short form of fiction that is exactly 100 words. Lest you think I'm slacking off on you--they are very hard to write. Go ahead and try it. This one is based on a true story from my days wandering around the state of Georgia as a movie hobo.

Hoodoo Drabble

I stumbled into a spell shop in a small Georgia town, tucked on a side street.

Wooden beads hung from the threshold and gris-gris, voodoo dolls and feathered masks from the walls. The air smelled of Genuine Nine Indian Million-Dollar Money House Blessing Spray—the sort that made your nose close up. The woman behind the counter watched Days of Our Lives on a TV with tinfoil streamers.

I took a vial up to the front, asking--What is this for?

“That’s Bend-Over Oil,” she said.

“What do I do with it?”

“Depends on who you want to bend over.”

If you enjoyed this tiny story, I highly recommend Elisson's blog. He is a master at what he calls "Hundred Word Stories".

I hope you are having a very happy Sunday.


  1. Jo said...
    Poor Max.... Adrian Monk of dogs. It only stands to reason that if humans can have quirks, why not animals. Too bad he isn't able to just put things where he wants them.

    I loved the draddle.
    Anne Johnson said...
    Jesus Christ in a manger, a 100-word story has to be one of the hardest things in the world to write! I'm impressed.

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