Monday, February 11, 2008

I get up this morning, let the dogs out and who should be standing there, looking confused, but the presumed dead Rose. She's confused because the rest of the goats were "raptured" to Fayetteville, NC to Peggy's. She most definitely had a place on that trip, but Pearlie came back without her and Rose has been gone a long, long time. Goats are not solitary animals. They have strong herd instincts and do not wander around by themselves. She came back just to be with the sheep--who she despises--from where she was being detained.

I gave her some sweet feed and told her things could be worse. At least she didn't find the other goat's collars sitting on their airplane seats. So now--there is a goat again.

Today I have a leaner, meaner rewrite of an old favorite...

Lilly of the Holler

The polished, final draft of this story has been accepted for publication. In keeping with the SMB's policy, this rough has been removed.

I will provide linkage where you may purchase the magazine or read the story in its final draft form on publication.


  1. Linda said...
    So sad for Rose having to hang out with the sheep. Such is life, it could be worse and she could have only a chicken or a pig to call a friend:)
    Anonymous said...
    .... Lilly sounds like most of my female cousins....

    erin ambrose said...
    wow rosie! can't be goatless even when you try.
    we've a nubian doe comin' to the farm...along with her sidekick, a little angora wether.
    i'm excited.
    and i'm sure i'll have all kindsa questions when she's due to start droppin' kids in april.

    i liked this story too....


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