Saturday, February 02, 2008

At the vet's yesterday with the Fat Buddy, I'd worked myself up to quite a state.

"It's really going to hurt me to lose this one." I tell her, with a quiver in my voice, eyes flooding.

I realize that part of the reason Fat Buddy is so precious to me, is that he's been the good-natured butt of so many jokes--most of his own making--while he's been with me. I also fought so hard to bring him back to a relatively stable condition with all his health problems. I made him shoes. How many dogs can you say you had to make shoes for?

So many people look at Fat Buddy and say, "Awww--He's not fat!"

Actually, forty plus pounds on a cocker spaniel is fat. He's the only dog I've ever seen with a saggy bottom. He likes to shimmy it when you pet him just so--sort of like that dance move the hip-hop girls do. When someone says he's not fat, I suspect that the issue of fatness may be a problem on their part. People get sort of weird about fatness. I'm fat. Fat Buddy is fat. We don't have a problem being fat--we just are. It would be better if we weren't, but there it is.

Part of Fat Buddy's fatness is the presence of many lipomas--dog cellulite. I've been really concerned that he might have cancer since he has so many of them. I bring this up to the vet, and she tells me that the places where he has them aren't usually where a dog gets lymphoma tumors. There is evidently a pattern to those and while Fat Buddy is indeed a lipoma a-go-go--they aren't in lymphoma spots.

As she is telling me this, I point out the ping-pong ball sized one dangling midway down the rear of his right hip.

"So, this isn't like--ass cancer?"

The tech deadpans, "Ass-o-blastoma?"

We all have a good laugh at Fat Buddy's expense. While Fat Buddy and I suffer from ass-opathy, the lipoma is not high enough on his butt to cause concern.

So, basically, the infection in his jaw bone from the nasty teeth never resolved completely. His hips are starting to go--from age and perhaps from shaking his ass too vigorously(honestly, I think he might have thrown his back out doing that!) I will finish off his current course of doxycycline which should keep him stable, then switch to a two month course of clindamycin. In the meantime, I just try to keep him comfortable. Hopefully, I'll be able to keep him around a bit longer. I sure hope so.


  1. Erica said...
    Oy, Rosie...cannot lipomas, whether cancerous or not, simply be removed just to put the mind at ease? Or for preventative measures?

    Btw, I'm totally fat, although I'm not exactly cool with it because...this may sound weird, but...I don't think I have an obese soul. It's been a tremendous source of frustration.

    Lee said...
    glad that Buddy's fat ass is just lumpy ;) he sounds like a wonderful companion
    Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...
    I hope your Fat Buddy improves for you, so that you can have more precious moments together.

    The truth is. . . Death is OK. It is the necessary terminus of Life, whether it has been long and ideal or short and just some very special moments with someone who cares. You certainly have heroically given him the latter.
    Just because your ass is sagging and jiggly doesn't mean their isn't wolf wildness within one's soul. (Or so I keep telling myself. LOL)
    threecollie said...
    I hope it works and you have a lot more time with him...
    Bad Alice said...
    Fat Buddy sounds wonderful. I like your description of his hip-hop moves. I'm glad he's still there for you.

    On another matter, Firecracker finally named the baby goat--the little one with the white patch on his head. I put a post over on your friend's site, but I thought you'd like to know that she named him "Nickle," after her stuffed panda.

    Bad Alice
    Jessica said...

    I'm glad the little guy is just a bunch of lumpiness.
    Jo and JD said...
    Hey Rosie,

    So glad to hear that it isn't cancer. I know how difficult it is to watch a faithful companion such as Fat Buddy start on that slow down hill slide in their health.

    Hopefully you will have a long time together yet.
    Peggy said...
    Glad to hear Fat Boy was cancer free. He is one lucky Fat Boy to have found a home with you. I always smile reading his latest adventure.
    ginviren said...
    I always love reading your puppy posts!! What's really funny is that my cocker was completely ignoring me until I started reading your post...then it was like she subconciously knew I was reading about ANOTHER puppy and she was like "Time to play with me now!!" :)

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