Saturday, February 16, 2008

Small Sacrifices

Another foggy brain day for me today. I tell you what, this story a day thing is starting to get hard.

The weather has been strangely warm. It does seem to be the same pattern we went through last year. There is already more green now than usual, though it is early for things to start greening up. I did go out and gather more gourds. I did have a nice bunch of gourds this year and they all seem to have developed nice thick skins. The mold on them has made pretty patterns like I like for the gourds I use for my art. I think I'll stop off at the leather shop in K-town when I go in for my next doctor's appointment and get some leather dye to use on them. But they are pretty much cured with all the dry weather we had, co I can probably start working on some of them soon. I gave Pastor Jimmy some when he came by to visit recently and I'll be really interested to see what he does with them.

Today I have--

Small Sacrifices

The polished, final draft of this story has been accepted for publication. In keeping with the SMB's policy, this rough has been removed.

I will provide linkage where you may purchase the magazine or read the story in its final draft form on publication.


  1. Linda said...
    You might think it's getting hard to write but I think it's even harder to WAIT 24 hours for your next tale! I'd like to be able to grow gourds to make birdhouses out of. They don't cure very well here, probably because it freezes to early.
    Karen said...
    I love these little short stories--I'm wondering if it will all of a sudden get easier, after being hard to do? Like making art every day--not bad at first, then incredibly difficult, then all of a sudden, easy!

    My sister and I used to watch my dad clean pheasants, partridge, rabbits, and fish--I learned lots about 'insides' that way, probably the best way to learn...
    Cubby said...
    What an interesting story. Kind of grisly, but the end made me laugh. I feel a little guilty about that. This story got under my skin.
    threecollie said...
    I am having such joy from your stories each day. I can't thank you enough for them.
    Jo said...
    I am certainly hoping that we don't have a repeat of last year. Everything had such beautiful blooms then WHAM! we got slammed with some bad snows and freezing weather. We didn't have the first cherry or pear on the trees last year.

    I love your stories. Thank you for sharing with us.

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