Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Checking in...

I'm so sorry I've missed such a block of posts. And I know I owe you a P & D.

I just haven't felt like blogging much lately. I'm working on my writing but I'm still freaked out about my health. Every ping in my head, eyestrain and skipping heartbeat makes me think I need to get offline so I can use the phone. I'm creeped about it. I'm suffering from a creeping malaise.

Peggy over at Hidden Haven said Binky had two buck kids--who she named Winkin' and Nod. So Binky is back with goats of that name, just as when she first came here. Winkin' was my big goofy Togg wether who I practiced most of my goat doctoring skills on. Nod was Winkin's daughter, BossyToe's mom. So now she has two boys of the same name.

I've become addicted to Jigzone. I love jigsaw puzzles but hate the mess and I always lose a piece before I finish it. Anyway, I found this fun little goatie jigsaw for you. Enjoy.

Click to Mix and Solve


  1. Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...
    I am sorry your health is spooking you.

    I,too, enjoy jigsaw puzzles. A lovely way to spend a rainly day with a friend.

    Damn did i just write that. I must be getting old.
    Margy Rydzynski said...
    I can certainly understand the concerns you have about your health. Keep us all in the loop. We're here for you.

    And thanks for the jigsaw. Man, I haven't seen one of those in years!
    Rosie said...
    Hey Folks!

    Well, Blogger has blocked The SMB as a spam blog. WTF?

    I need to know if any of you have any expertise in migrating a blog to Wordpress or some other site without losing my comments and archives.

    I have now officially reached my gag level with Blogger and they would have to do a great deal more than apologize to keep me here.

    Anyone a bigger geek than me?
    Bad Alice said...
    I'm too lazy to switch from blogger. A bunch of folks had the same thing happen to them re the spam.

    Sorry to hear about your health and the unfab docs. But, that goat is awfully cute, and a day with a goat puzzle has some good in it.
    Mike Golch said...
    well as my blogger site. When I set up the word press site I was able to import all of my blog from blogger. Hugs and Blessings. go to and follow the direction in setting up your blog,that when it is set up you can import all of the blog that you have here on blogger.

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