Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Flashing Away

Well, the flashathon over on Zoe has been going really well. I'm so happy with the work I've been turning out. Some things I'm really proud of. So far the titles for the ones I've written are:

A Pretty Little House
Where Children Are Allowed

Mrs. Betty Cherry

The Puppet Show

Mr. Black Takes a Sunbath

Sister Hayes Takes Up a Serpent

The Best Edible Wax Horse Teeth Ever

Because Magicicadas Have No Mouths

So, I've sort of had to be a bit absent from the blog, because, as you can see--I've been a story-writing fool for the past nine days. We still have another five days.

Another funny thing--a really well-known writer keeps leaving catty comments about my work. I'm not actually bothered since everyone else thinks my work pretty damn good. I'm pretty well-accepted over there, though I'm still very awed by all of them. It's sort of funny and a bit flattering really. I keep wracking my brain trying to figure out exactly which one of the dogs I shot(figure of speech, folks) recently was hers, but keep coming up empty.

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  1. Jo said...
    Ahhhh Rosie ........ Sounds as if someone is a tad bit jealous of your abilities. How flattering to you.

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