Thursday, April 05, 2007

For Friday Ark

When last we checked in with Mutton and Chops, they were enjoying being kept on the back porch while they adjusted to the new digs and were having a fairly nice assortment of foodstuffs and hose water being hand catered into them. Such is the life of a pampered sheep.

Unfortunately, these two boys are badasses. They immediately decided to ditch the ritzy resort accommodations and go native. Go drink some of that goat tequila with the worm in it.

"Hey Mutton, will you check out the udder on THAT doe!"

"Yeah, Chops! I say we go get us some 'strange'!"

So, I come down one morning, a few days after the boys arrived to find that those seemingly harmless curved horns are good for something. That something being busting through a nailed shut barricade I had on the open end of the porch.

So, they cunningly escaped and snuck off to the pasture. Exactly where I would have put them when I took them off the back porch.

Mutton is the friendlier of the two, but he's a bit of a con artist. He has a deceptively sweet face that belies a rather dominant nature. But it's good for getting snacks.

It didn't take long for them to insert themselves in the pecking order of the barnyard. They don't take any gaff from the goats. None, whatsoever. They do show a tiny bit of deference to the geese, who stand unchallenged as far as being the most aggressive animals in the barnyard. I mean, nobody likes being grabbed by their private parts and that is the geese's secret jutsu.

They have even tried that crap with me, but usually they miss and get my very large backside. I got beak shaped bruises to prove it that I will politely refrain from showing you.

Right now, nobody can tell where the sheep's private parts actually are. I'm betting once their armor fleece is removed that they will be skedaddling from the geese like little girly boys.

They are settling in nicely and seem completely unaware that they are not living an exciting life on the sheep lam.
(bad unintentional pun alert)


  1. googiebaba said...
    Hey Rosie, I liked the comment you left on my site about Las Vegas. I know you didn't have the goats back then, but it amuses me to think of you and bossy toe getting pedicures at the Venetian.

    I love the stories about the animals.
    Hayden said...
    ahh, the adventures of sheep on the lam. sigh.

    all too funny!

    humm. didn't know that abt geese, but knew enough not to trust them for a minute.
    Mallow said...
    you brewin' goat tequila out there too!?! what's that address again?
    johnieb said...
    If you leave them in, they're intentional.
    Jbeeky said...
    He does have an adorable face! I simply refuse to believe a face like that is capable of any mischeif whatsoever. Why, he's as cute as my son! Oh wait.....
    Michelle said...
    Oooh, nothing like a little goose bite!

    I love reading about your farm, the sheep should liven things up a bit though life with goats isn't boring LOL.

    Thanks for the tip on blogrolling, I'll check it out!
    Omnibabe said...
    That's hilarious! Thanks for the laughs, Rosie!
    seejanemom said...
    "Gettin' some STRANGE"...LOVE IT...When HH said that for the first time I nearly wet my drawers....

    Glad to see they are making themselves useful.
    aaron ambrose said...
    hey i was wondering about those ewe lupe is the only one with horns and even though i know they'll cause some pain for the shearer come shearin' time (they jab into yr thighs while you've got them seated and rested against yr legs), i admit that i like how they look and am glad to have one with em'. and it works out well since lupe is the feircest with the dogs!!!
    yay for sheep! a friend gave me a copy of an old Bread and Puppet masonite cut print from the 70's and i love it .says" we are the shepherds....we watch the sheep" with a picture of 3 shepherds in a sheep field keeping watch and playing the flute.
    Bread and Puppet rules.

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