Tuesday, June 05, 2007

And I'm back!

I so apologize that this has taken so long.

Today, I said, "enough is enough" and make the journey to Knoxville to the expensive MacIntosh gurus and got a modem. Thanks to your donations and orders I could afford to do this. These guys bailed me out a few years ago when my strawberry I-Mac died taking my entire cookbook with it. They are a bit suspicious that the pulse took out part of my motherboard, but aside from the painfully slow connection, I haven't noticed any problems with the computer as a whole. Plus, I can pick up another Blue and White for 50 bucks on ebay if I need to. But this external seems to connect just fine. I'm just going to be extra careful to unplug from the phone lines when I'm not online.

Ain't got much nice to say about the WeLoveMacs.com folks. Still haven't returned my emails.

On to the business at hand! Back to writing! I'll be getting around to visiting everyone too.

I got the above shot while on the excursion to the First Monday Market. She is a Mammoth jenny (donkey). The fellows said she'd been bred to a paint, but they only were asking 275 bucks for her. She was really sweet but I suspect she's got something wrong with her since her asking price was so low.

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  1. Mallow said...
    Yay, welcome back!!

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