Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I got Nothin'

I got nothin'.

Still sick. Spent time on the phone today. I'm not a phone person. As far as I'm concerned the phone is good for two things. Calling the ambulance and dialing up the internet. My sister is the exact opposite. She lives on the phone. I don't get it.

My friend who gave me this damn chest thing called to tell me she has pneumonia. But she's not in the hospital. I always have to be admitted when I get pneumonia. I don't know if she actually does or if she is just trying to out-sick me. I'm just not feeling well enough right now to extend my usual dose of love and commiseration. I really need to reserve that for myself right now. I don't really understand the out-sicking someone....the whole needier than thou thing. And I don't have much patience for it at the moment. I'm cranky and short tempered.

Betsy called, and that was a nice chat. I like talking on the phone with Betsy.

Two phone calls is really stretching it for me for one day. So I turned on the computer and let the phone ring busy for the rest of the day.


  1. Mallow said...
    Hope you feel better soon!!
    Karen said...
    I'm thinging of you and REALLY hoping you feel better. I hope your cough isn't turning into pneumonia--you have been to see a doctor, right?
    Karen said...
    I'm also THINKING of you.

    Jbeeky said...
    Me too!
    Betsy aka 'the goat yoda' said...
    Back online now- computer is better, sans MacAfee. It decided that the computer needed to be 'more secure' and shut everything down- hope you are feeling better now....

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