Saturday, June 09, 2007

I feel crappy.

Don't have much for you today other than a lame journal entry. Yesterday's food porn was really hard to get out since I was either half conscious for the first part of the day and the power was out for the second part of the day.

I've been coughing so hard for the past three days that I've been afraid that the flap of scar tissue that serves as a sternum for me was going to break loose from my rib cage and let my heart flop out onto my stomach. Gasping like a dying fish. This has happened before but in a more controlled environment. I'm not sure if they wired that thing in there with something or not. All I can see are the staples on the x-rays.

I'm often plagued by Frida Kahlo-esque thoughts like this.

I'm trying really hard not to be angry with the person who gave me the virus. Really I am. But it's not like it's any secret that I take the same drugs an organ transplant recipient takes and thus has the same almost non-existent immune system. She could have at least talked with me on the porch instead of in the house. I couldn't exactly leave since she was so upset and people always think there's something odd and selfish about you if you behave in a germ-phobic manner.

"Oh yes, she's too good for our germs."

And obviously, I'm a person who revels in goat vomit and all sorts of nasty livestock bodily's just other people's microbes I seem to need to keep off of me. It always strikes me as sort of funny when people get so squicked out about animals, but honestly, aside for the few zoonosis' that you have to worry about...people are the nasty animals. Really nasty.

And it makes me think about Mr. Lawyer with TB. The thing is, the majority of people don't even think twice about how incredibly dickish it is to pass on your germs and illnesses to other people. I've seen interviews with him and he STILL doesn't get it.

So, after having gone on about that, I am going to Jimmy's homecoming at the Edwina Church tomorrow. I'm pretty sure I'm over the contagious part of this, but will be extra careful not to pass any of this on. I made a dark chocolate fudge picnic cake.

In other news...My goats are evidently responsible for global warming. They will henceforth be called The Global Warming Goats of the Apocalypse. There is, of course, a story behind this. I will get to it when I feel less crappy.


  1. Anne Johnson said...
    Hope you're good as new soon! Goat vomit doesn't count as germs since they're a different species. Or does it? You'd think, being a goat judge, I'd know the answer to that.
    seejanemom said...
    Feel better girl...and my thoughts on the dick lawyer are well documented.

    Germaphobes unite!
    Jbeeky said...
    Feel better sweetie. I still remember bring Mylo to his preschool and a mother reminding her son not to tell the teacher that he had taken cold medicine that morning. So many people to thank.....
    CS said...
    Here via your post on Hillbilly Savants. Can you be semi-germ phobic? I'm pretty cavalier about my own exposure to germs but careful with others when I'm sick. But I have encountered that reaction when I had young babies - people took offense when I'd shield my newborns from their coughs nad sneezes! As if I was the rude one! Jeez. Hope you feel better soon.
    busybusymomma said...
    Ewww, I HATE when people just go around infecting each other.

    My bambino had roseola last month and none of our friends/acquaintances had it so we must have picked it up from some random person out in public. Yippee skippee.

    I hope you feel better soon, it sounds really painful.

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