Saturday, June 30, 2007

Catch up...

I know I haven't been keeping up my usual post a day contract with myself. I really apologize. I need to start visiting everyone again. The damn phone company has just reached new lows of slowness and unreliability. They are trying to force us to move to satellite that they are now offering, and as a result...our actual phone lines are down part of the time.

I've got guests in from out of town and it's such a rare treat for me to have folks from the outside world. It's blog friends too! I love meeting blog friends!

Anyway...I missed FPF yesterday, but that's 'cause I was with my guests at Carver's Apple Barn Restaurant.

Yeah. I took pictures this time. So...I'll have fried pie and apple fritter photos for you. Soon..very soon.

Am going to church tonight and taking guests to see Jimmy.

Still extremely stressed about the neighbor situation.

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  1. Mallow said...
    what's happening with the not-so-neighborly-neighbors? are they still bugging you? I'd hate to hear you had to pull up stakes on account of them.

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