Sunday, June 10, 2007

Happy Sunday

This is the part of the Old Fifteenth that most people avoid. You really should have 4 wheel drive and a high undercarriage to make it up this stretch. It winds up the mountain to my road. All of the property to the right is my forest. There is a scary bit where the road is just scraped rock and the rock is not level...sort of gently sloping towards a creek with a thirty foot drop. You feel like you are going to tip over when you drive across it. So far, I never have.

But there is always that possibility.


Happy Sunday.


  1. FAMOUS QUOTE: said...
    Scare-wee! Can't wait to visit. Have you looked into the cost of a tram?

    Your Ducks
    SusieQ said...
    This is a beautiful picture, Rosie, that invites a person to take a stroll down that winding road.

    About the Wet Coconut Cake recipe, my daughter fixed it for me this weekend in celebration of my birthday. It was scrumptious. When I told my family that I discovered this "Wet Coconut Cake" recipe at one of your "Porn Food Friday" posts, the off-color jokes started flying which generated some good laughs.

    I hope you are feeling better today. I don't know why people think it is okay to spread their germs around to others. Recently I wrote a piece at my blog about my mother and her lifelong domestic war against OPG (other people's germs.)
    kazari_lu said...

    I'm sure I dream about roads like this. But I'm always walking around the bends, not driving.
    Your posts have given me an amazing sense of synchronicity lately. Have you run into 'At My Table'? He talks about foraging for morels, and eating them!
    busybusymomma said...
    That's so beautiful!!! I swear the green in the mountains is just... greener. :) I'm getting a hankering for another mountain cabin vacation.

    Oh, we have twins... a buck and a doe, both with frosted ears. They're really cute, they have marking that are so similar they look almost like mirrored images. My human kids keep begging to go back to Grammy's house to play with the goat kids. LOL
    Anne Johnson said...
    Looks like home, which makes me wonder what you do in the wintertime?
    Maridmitch said...
    My hubby and I have drived that stretch of Old 15th if it's the place I'm thinking of. A hairpin turn at the top of a hill and a danged poor excuse of a road underneath you. We thought we might go over the edge driving our mini van. And it was daylight. I can only imagine it at night.

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