Wednesday, June 13, 2007

It's's too dry.

I had to leave the house today to take the trash to the dump. I haven't been going out much lately and the beans are up and needing some staking. Actually the garden is going to be a bust this year. If you didn't get your garden planted during that early bit right after the hard freeze and the drought that started a week later...nothing is going to grow. My tomato transplants died, but I did go ahead and plant my okra thinking it an African vegetable that will probably do just fine.

The old timers are saying this is the worst drought in 50 years. It's never been this dry in recent memory. The storms arrive every afternoon to shut down the power, phone and satellite, yet no water falls from these clouds that come crashing across the mountains. Just fire. Fire rains down.

My poor little frog pond has almost completely dried up. There is just five inches of green stagnant water there. The geese used to love to go down there every morning to swim, but there is hardly enough water to get them wet.

I stopped the jeep and looked sadly down at my pond. I suppose there will be no bullfrog gigging this fall. A lone copperhead was laying there in the shallows and I thought maybe I should give Jimmy a call or go try to find him up on Naillon's where he is restoring a 19th century graveyard. My friend fussed at me when I said I might try to just put them in a big bucket if I found any. She said they can jump 10 feet. They can't, but I'd just as soon not tangle with one.


  1. Welcome to Ducks Mahal said...
    Rosie, Betty is right, copperheads do jump ten feet. Whatever you do, DON'T GO DOWN THERE!!

    Not! I'm kidding.

    There is a snake called a Whipsnake also know as a Whip-it-snake that is so fast that it can keep up with a running human and whip the human’s back legs with it’s tail. It leaves huge whip marks.

    Not! That’s bullshit too.

    Gosh, hope you get to feeling better.

    The Duck Man
    Anne Johnson said...
    All snakes could jump rope until God stuck them on their bellies for tempting Eve.

    That drought looks bad. It's too bad you didn't get part of that low that was spinning off the coast. Here in NJ we always get showers from those suckers.

    Poor copperhead looks wretched.
    Mamma said...
    Aside from the rain we've had this past week, it's been dry here too. I'm watering, watering away.
    Anonymous said...
    .. suffering the same fate here, ma'am - just down the road from you...

    .... why, just the other day, a squirrel left the forest beside my house and tried to make it to the shade of the mailbox, but burst into flames midway across my half-acre lot.....

    .. no, really...


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