Sunday, July 01, 2007

Big Creek ~ Happy Sunday

Well, I thoroughly enjoyed my out of town bloggers visit. It's really nice to put faces on the emails.

Last night I took them to Pastor Jimmy's church for service and they really loved it. I kept glancing over to make sure they weren't ...well...freaking out. The music was really wonderful. Pastor Jimmy brought a huge copperhead in, but the anointment did not hit anyone so he stayed in his box. But they found it as charming and delightful as I do. And Pastor Jimmy really liked them as well. I'm a little jealous because he's going to paint them some folk art!

I had a scare this morning. The well had run dry and I thought I was going to have to get a new pump. But it just needed to fill up and I now have water again. I wasn't looking forward to hauling water from Hall's Top over here. The closest spring that feeds the cow pond across from Valley View has already run dry as well.

Hope you are having a very happy Sunday!

Tomorrow is First Monday!


  1. Betsy aka 'the goat yoda' said...
    We got up and out early- for us- and headed over to First Monday abt. 9am. The fellow with the straw hat at the top of the hill had a Saanen doe in milk that pleaded with me to take her, but I couldn't. She had no tattoos, and I tried to see in her eyes and tell if she was one of mine.

    We headed down the drive and I saw Red and the Missus. Turns out he remembered me from the goat show at the Seiver co. Fair last yr. I gave him my card because he wanted to get in touch with you-

    Dory found three black Silkie chicks and a nice mature hen andf I got 8 guineas from Johnathon who remembered me from the Sevier Co-op.

    I was a really good one today- packed to the gunnels- I did see some sick birds. I was looking for Buff Orphingtons and they had to tbe the only Buff Orphingtons there!

    We gonna have to get up early one Sunday and head up to Jonesborough to their flea market- 2nd only to First Monday, and much larger. not as many animals, but LOTS more stuff.

    I got a friend of mine checking on a 1st edition copy of Joy of Cooking for you-

    Maggie and Little Girl have settled in- Little Girl wants to stay with her momma and I want her to stay too- I took off that blind spur teat and it had healed up in less than a day. She's a great little doe.
    Libby Spencer said...
    Man I get jealous listening to you talking about farm stuff around here. Some days I really miss the old farm. But I can't believe your well is running dry when the creek is looking so strong.

    I haven't been around much myself lately. It's good to see some folks are still blogging. For a minute there I thought it was going to be blank because it took the page so long to load.

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