Sunday, July 08, 2007

Today Betsy, The Goat Yoda, and I took an excursion to Jonesborough to the Jonesborough Flea Market. I'll do a complete post on was hotter than H-E-double hockey sticks.

I got a picture of this lovely woman snapping beans for supper. We talked about how everyone has their own way of snapping beans. If you snap them too long, they don't fit in the canning jars too good. But these were for her dinner that night so she wasn't too worried about that. I thought she was snapping them a mite too small. I like a little more length on mine.

I remember when I was a child that I really hated this chore. I'd get all fidgety and I never could get the strings out. But it is something you get better at. But as I've grown older, I sort of enjoy the chore. It's a chance to sit and do something rather than being out in the hot sun hoeing.

I hope you are having a very happy Sunday. I hope you found a spot of shade to get out of the hot sun and feel a bit of breeze. Or maybe stick a toe in a cold mountain stream. It was a good day for that.

Happy, happy Sunday. The dog days are here.


  1. bluemountainmama said...
    hot as H-E-L-L for sho'! here, too!
    i snap the ends off and then snap the beans in half.... i don't think anyone ever officially showed me how to do it, but the job fell to my sisters and i....along with shucking the corn. cute post! i love flea markets like this......
    GUYK said...
    I kind of like to snap beans..especially fresh Kentucky type pole beans..the kind I grow...or at least did last year and hope to again this fall. The smell of the fresh beans is like nothing else..except maybe a fresh mowed windrow of hay..

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