Monday, July 30, 2007

Well, the garden hasn't been a total loss after all. I'll have to get out and work around that which survived. I've got three tomato plants that look like they are going to make it and the squash is producing. My onions haven't done too poorly despite having the tops nibbled off. So that's okay. It made them bulb really nicely. And I've got potatoes and green beans.

Today I spent most of the day in K-town seeing my kidney doctor. Afterwards I found an Asian grocery store and got some miso and some stuff to fix sushi. Real soy sauce, nori and sake vinegar. Then on to the fish market and got a dandy bit of tuna. So, I'll be endulging in tuna rolls tonight. I might slice some of this just picked squash to roll up with my tuna. That will be nice.



  1. Lisa said...
    Just wanted to say hi I love reading your blog...I've been to Gatlinburg some time ago and loved it a long way from the land down under!
    kazari_lu said...
    I love sushi. Especially tuna rolls.
    Anne Johnson said...
    That squash looks great to me. How are the goats doing? If you've written about them lately I've missed it.
    Cubby said...
    Nice squash! I want a garden again!
    Audubon Ron said...
    Dear Rosie Ann Landers:

    I think in one of my blogs I mentioned I got a cat recently from the animal shelter. He’s a Russian Blue and replaced my buddy of seven years a Tonkinesse Platinum Mink w/emerald eyes. The Tonkinessee cost me $1,500. The answer is yes, I’m crazy. Anyways, I brought home a rainbow roll from one of my milk runs into civilization to share with Blue and to impress him. I gave him a little of the roll, actually a lot, and he was like Shit, you guys got good food man. Like, you guys eat this every night?

    Ya think I went a little overboard?

    Signed: You can tune a piano but ya can’t tuna fish.

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