Sunday, June 08, 2008

I arrived late to homecoming at Pastor Jimmy's because I got the time mixed up. It was the biggest crowd I'd seen in forever. I was sorry I got there late though because the preaching is always amazing at homecoming. Pastor John Brown was there and several other preachers so I'm sorry to have missed it. While Jimmy's will always be my favorite because he is so musical with his preaching, I do enjoy hearing the other styles.

I did get there in time to witness a healing. They laid hands on a lady who had been having severe pain in her right side.

I got to see Don Dudenbostel and all the other photographers I've met. There were the usual complement of university students and a pair of independent filmmakers from NYC. I very much enjoyed meeting the couple from Sweetwater who have Jimmy's art in their gallery. They seem like very nice folks and the display they set up for him is gorgeous. I hope Jimmy will attend an opening of his work at their gallery. He could be a sensation in the outsider art world.

The food, as usual, was plentiful and delicious. I ate way too much and indulged in some chocolate cake with ice cream. There was this amazing pulled roast that I think was venison that was particularly good. Several meatloaf type dishes, hams, deviled eggs and green beans. Good honest food--you can't get food like that at a restaurant--even those places that profess to cook home-style food.

The only thing was the dreadful heat. I felt quite lightheaded from it so they prayed over me before I went home. I need a healing--or some sort of divine intervention--since I keep hurting myself. I've never been this accident prone before. Last night, I stubbed my big toe and the entire nail came off. It won't stop bleeding, but not nearly as painful as the arm thing. I just got my arm out of the sling and now I can't wear closed toe shoes. I think the laying on of hands must have helped. It's the first time I've experienced that and it's very comforting.

Happy Sunday!


  1. Sue Doe-Nim said...
    I love Pastor Jimmy.

    I live for tales of that church, told by you, naturally.
    Jo said...
    I am still trying to catch up on my visits.

    As I was growing up my mother saw to it that no matter where we lived my youngest brothe,(2 1/2 yers my senior) went to what ever church was closest to us. Denomination didn't matter. When I was about 13 that closest church just happened to be a Pentacostal church. After the Sunday school class one Sunday I decided to stay for the church services too. When they started praying in tongues and people around me started what I thought to be convulsing, it scared the holy bejeevers out of me. Over the years I have wondered if perhaps I had been prepared for what I might see and hear would I have reached out to the people of that church and embraced their beliefs and faith? I have never been to a healing service before, but would very much like to. I know many don't believe in faith healings, but I do.

    For right now my church is this mountain and all of God's creation that is around me is the congregation.

    Hope you are mending well and feeling better.

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