Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Stupid Things

Have you ever done something stupid and while you were doing it, thinking on some subconscious level, "Damn, this sure is something stupid I'm doing," but for whatever reason were unable to stop yourself?

Once, I was in the kitchen and covered a salad with some Saran Wrap. It was when they had that commercial out where they up-ended the bowl and--you know--the Saran Wrap held the stuff in the bowl just fine. Anyway, just out of nowhere--for no reason, whatsoever--I did that. And guess what? The salad ended up all over the kitchen floor. There were witnesses who all looked at me like I was out of my mind.

So, today, I'm up at the pen trying to catch Chops to shear him. I failed and he skittered past me to sulk under the tree. So, it's really hot up there and I see that the chickens are hanging out in the small shed. Over in the sun is a big wood crate I remade as a creep feeder. I decide to turn it over, thinking it will be a welcome bit of shade.

I knew somewhere in my head it was a bad idea, but I did it anyway. And of course, there was a ginormous wasp nest under there. I knew there would be--on some level. I just couldn't stop.

So, I end up running back to the house yipping and flapping. I only got stung four times, but spent the day laid out on antihistamines.

I need to listen more closely to the voices in my head. The ones that say, "Stop, you idiot!"


  1. Jo said...
    I believe that would along the same line as JD swatting at a wasp last summer with his cap. Then he puts the cap back on his head and gets stung on his bald spot by the wasp that went inside of his cap while swatting at it.

    You will never guess what he does when being buzzed by a wasp today.... Come on Rosie, give it a guess! Right, he swats at it with his cap. Now I am sure htat little voice in his head doesn't have a speach problem and the fact that JD has a hearing problem doesn't matter when it comes to hearing what the head voices are saying.

    Hope your having a better day today.
    threecollie said...
    We all do it...every time it seems. Sorry you got stung though.
    Eden said...
    I really need to listen to those voices too. I am appalled by some of the stupid things that come out of my mouth, I am a pretty quiet person for the most part, so why when I do speak do I allow ridiculous things to fall out of mouth?
    erin ambrose said...
    i so know what you mean...its frustrating because i'm pretty good at hearing the inner voice of wisdom but i just can't seem to react to it....its just beyond my those dreams where your running down a hallway towards a door that keeps getting farther away...
    so yeah...i do stupid shit all the time.

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