Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Random stuff

Sorry I've skipped a few days. I'm okay. I went to Morristown yesterday--splurging on some gasoline. I thought to go to the First Monday Market but got there as everyone was packing up, so it was a bit of a wasted trip. Maybe it will be overcast next first Monday and I can get some good photos. I spent too much money and am afraid to look at my bank account. I never go shopping.

I spent Sunday killing mice. I found where they were camping out and it looks like they slipped in the back door. I'd put Havoc in places where the dogs couldn't get to it and the mother mouse evidently carried it into the closet. I found and entire mouse family--mostly dead. Grisly, really. I found them because one came out in the hallway. I don't see as well as I used to and thought it a dust bunny--or perhaps some dog hair that escaped the vacuum. It was a bitty mouse. Just sitting there. I grabbed my boot.

So--I am now triumphantly mouse free and happy I found them before they trashed the oriental rug they had decided to shack up in. So--all day Sunday was spent in a killing spree and cleaning up the evidence from said killing spree.

I've been very busy with the writing thing. Idgie at the Dew published Frog Giggers. I think I always had her in mind for that piece. I've got Smokelong coming up on the 15th and Keyhole coming up this month. So you can add both of those pubs to your reading list. I'm excited about both, but Keyhole is so cool because people will have to pay money to read me. That's almost as good as getting paid to write.

I've got 31 pending responses out. People seem to really like my work. But you guys already knew that. Though every once in a while I'll get a weird rejection letter. I think the accessibility of what I write and that I do think about entertainment may be confusing to some literary editors. But you know what--it don't gots to be painful to read to be well-written. The deep stuff is there if folks care to look for it--otherwise--it's just a good read. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.


  1. Anonymous said...
    .. congrats, girl!...... you keep knockin' 'em dead!.... the mice AND the publishers!.....

    Eden said...
    I recently found your blog and I am really enjoying it and look forward to each new post.

    Peter Cole said...
    looking forward to your smokelong. will be sending your contributor copy next week. thanks!

    Rosie said...
    Thanks Peter! I'll be strongly suggesting my readers subscribe!
    Jo said...
    Way to go girl on the publishing. Great news!

    I am a serial killer of mice as well. I still haven't found where they get in though. I know it is someplace in the laundry room, but can't find where. A trap behind the washer usually gets them before they can make it to the rest of the house. The occassional mouse gets past it though and forces me to be ugly about getting them out of my house.
    Jbeeky said...
    I am so glad you keep moving forward. Says so much about you.

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