Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I fear I am quite heartbroken that the Big Creek Market and Deli has now closed. Bubba evidently couldn't make enough money at it. Too bad he couldn't hold on till spring. They will start the bridge building project back up again and there will be many burly men in search of chez burgers.

I was really shocked the other week when I pulled up and found the doors locked.

So, today, when I ventured out, I had to go further up the road to Black's market. I like Black's market. I really like the people there. It was the first market I stopped at when I came up here looking around the neighborhood after finding the farm.

Then, when I walked in and pulled an ice cold "Big Chug" out of the fridge to buy, I was greeted with wary glances. Oh, sure, we smiled. But I was a total outsider then. They didn't know me from Adam's housecat. I didn't mind. I was flushed with longing. I truly had found the place of my dreams. I knew it was going to mine. It was like meeting the lover I had waited my entire life to find. And hoping the insane love was reciprocated. I was in lust for my land.

Today, walking in Black's is like sticking my feet into comfortable old shoes. Everyone smiles when I walk in. We all say "hey".

"How you like this warm weather?"

"Can't get enough of it," I say, "My frogs were singing in the pond today."

They don't have chez burgers at Blacks. They do have hot dogs, pickled eggs and farm eggs from Ed's brother's laying hens. They have beer, too. But you have to ask for it. It's kept in a separate side building so as not to offend the church goers.

I hear tell they keep other things that you have to ask for, but I wouldn't know about that. That's just the word on the mountain and it could be just the usual blarney that circulates here on a regular basis.

I pause a moment on my way out to look at the bulletin board. Prominently displayed is a reward poster for the apprehension of the murderer of a local man who was killed some years back. It's a reminder of the still frontier mentality that permeates the area. Also are business cards. One for a family that buys pelts and ginseng roots. In the fall, many people hunt the wild ginseng for extra cash. People are experts at "making do" here. My favorite business card is the one for Lux Memorials. I look at it every time I'm there and giggle.

It says...

"We won't take you for granite."


  1. seejanemom said...
    I know a place like Black's. Its on HWY 11 in Pickens County, SC at the foot of Table Rock. Its called "Holly Springs", but there is no sign for the dinette inside the gas station.

    When I venture in long about April to open my cabin, though they have not seen me in six months, they know me, and serve me with "the usual"...an artery clogging chili cheeseburger, all the way with a side of LANCE Texas Pete waffle fries and a sweeeeeet tea.

    Land lust. I have it. And when you have it as bad as we do, you never get over that feeling of being dug in, no matter where your feet might wander.

    And a cigarette never tastes soooo good.
    erin ambrose said...
    I've written such similar things about the relationship with my land. The thrill of finally finding it after years and years of looking looking...and yes, like a lover. best damn lover i've had...my most commited relationship yet! for better or for worse baby....and theres been both for sure.
    i'm glad you've found home.
    bluemountainmama said...
    sounds like your tuesday fared better than your monday- glad to hear! i love little country stores...the 7-11 we walk to up the street doesn't cut it, although the ladies there do know us by name...and if they don't know your name, they call you 'hun or darlin'- and they always give Sir Laughsalot a free kid's slushie for being so friendly and cute! i love your description of black's- i can totally see it in my head!
    Maridmitch said...
    Where is Black's located in relation to Big Creek Deli?

    I'm sad to see them close. We've stopped there several times when out driving through the Old 15th.

    Do you ever eat at the Shack or Seay's? I've been to both.
    BBC said...
    We are losing the good old county places here. Sigh.

    I should have moved further out, but I'm going to stick it out here now.

    The place is paid for and if I left there wouldn't be anyone to watch after Helen, she would end up in a care center.

    And I just got sick and tired of moving. I'll make the best of it. There is no perfect place anyway.
    Velociman said...
    You're going to love the new SuperWalMart, honey. Better cuts of meat, and jobs for those endearing dispossessed. I hate progress, too, but it usually floats my boat a little higher.
    Rosie said...
    We gots one of those superWalmarts, V-man! Everyone is up in arms because the word is that they are going to replace the fabric department with a party supplies department. There simply is not a piece of meat too green for our Walmart to sell. People finally started going in there with sharpie pens to write obscenities on the packages of green meat. I, myself, always take my digital in hopes of finding green meat to photograph.

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