Thursday, February 15, 2007

One of the disadvantages of being a Patrician is that occasionally you are obliged to act like one.
Marcus Licinius Crassus(Laurence Olivier)~Spartacus(1960)

I chose this particular quote from the film as my Spartacan declaration, for the very reason that it came from the vanquisher of Spartacus.


Because even Crassus knew how to act.

Melissa McEwan, Shakespeare's Sister, has been forced to resign from the Edwards campaign after receiving death threats in the wake of vitriol spewed by William Donohue, et al.

I don't care what sort of politics you follow. I'm very open about mine. Being a liberal, I do tend to read more liberal blogs than not, but I'm very tight with some very conservative bloggers as well. It isn't my business what sort of things others post on their blogs. It is their house. Their rules. But the conservatives I do frequent, I consider to be well-brought up ladies and gentlemen with an inner sensibility about civility and manners.

And after all, civility and manners are the concrete that hold the sand of law together. They are what makes life bearable. It really is what differentiates us from the other animals.

I most definitely do not agree with them in most matters and they frighten me at times with their rigid stances. But they most certainly do not issue death threats or such nastiness as this. I would like to believe that they know the difference between an ad hominem attack and an attack on a position (though I'm not entirely certain of this).

....and now for a well deserved ad hominem of my own....

I am forced to conclude that Mr. Donohue, et al are no gentlemen. Mr. Donohue's neo-inquisitorial attacks and fascination with anal sex and antisemitism speak to me of one who was raised by jackals in a vat of putridity. That one can reach the age of consent with such an appalling lack of social graces and an inability to filter one's thoughts dumbfounds me. He obviously was not brought up in the type of gracious Catholic family home I frequently visited while growing up.

This victory was without honor for the right. It was poorly done, tacky, low and common. Professional journalists often don't feel they've earned their "props" before getting a death threat. I've seen them actually high-five each other. Melissa McEwan is not a professional journalist. She was a technical adviser with Edwards' campaign. The attacks on her on her personal blog were akin to burning a cross on her front lawn.

So be careful about crowing about this particular victory. It may say more about you than you would like known in polite society.


  1. belledame222 said...
    very elegantly done, i like.
    chris said...
    Rosie, where does your big sis' belong on the political spectrum?
    Rosie said...
    Thanks, Belledame.

    Chris, Simone is a bit of a flippity-floppity. Even in her most conservative, she would probably be considered very liberal because of her Hollywood connections. Right now, she and I are on the same wave-length in our opposition to the current administration and its policies. We both liked Clinton. But she liked Reagan and I did not. So, she tends to be attracted more to a candidate than a party. At least that is how I think she thinks. Which may be wrong. I don't think she does as much reading into politics as I do.

    We had a long chat today and yesterday. It was nice.
    Anonymous said...
    I trust you have the DVD to refer to. I don't yet have the habit, only a little list--Fritz Lang, Wings of Desire, etc.--it's hard enough to keep a roof over the damned books, me and FA.

    I trust you and your many charges are doing OK; your plume is definitely in fine shape. And it's good to hear you speak of your sister.
    Anonymous said...
    I have not followed this to that level of detail; I am made of more delicate stuff: urp.

    I came through Amanda's, not so much Shakes' Sis's place, on my way home to TGW; I'm sure I did. Was that one of your bedrooms, ma'am, or was I resting in the tub? I still visit for some things, but have been staying away even from lurking till all this abominable rudeness dies down.
    Anonymous said...
    Why can I not remember to leave my name? Argh. I see the need for internet cards.

    BBC said...


    If I had my own country or planet I would be the emperor. And I would tell the children to behave.

    It's the child component in people that always have them pushing for a say in how things run.

    Never mind, not easy to explain in a blog comment.
    Kelly O said...
    This was GREAT. And I loved the title. Bravo.
    bonnie said...
    OK, quick flog for a favorite book:

    Karen Armstrong's
    The Battle for God.

    I suspect that if you take:

    A fundamentalist from religion A
    A moderate from religion A
    A fundamentalist from religion B
    A moderate from religion B

    The 2 fundamentalists are going to have far more in common with each other than they do with the moderate people who are theoretically their respective co-religionists.

    That book does a nice job of clarifying those similarities & how they arise.

    And if a person uses fear to cause another person to modify their behavior, doesn't that make the first person some level of terrorist?
    Anne Johnson said...
    Never heard a goat say what some of those blog commenters said. Yep, some folks just never consider the rebound of karma.
    belledame222 said...
    bonnie has it. yeah, i really do need to finish that book. KA is good.

    and yup, authoritarian/totalitarian/fundamentalists
    have far more in common with each other than with anyone else, even if they have wildly differing theory.

    the only good thing about it is sometimes they get so busy with fighting each other they temporarily forget about harassing the rest of us. i really wish we could just lock all the fanatics in one "Thunderdome" room; they'd be happier (till they all killed each other), we'd certainly be much happier without any of 'em.

    seriously, i hate feeling like a pawn in Theocratic Battlebots (for example) My God can beat up your God! let's drag everyone else into war to prove it! swell. just swell.
    bluemountainmama said...
    unfortunately ir runs on both sides of the political spectrum, with liberal websites and bloggers saying that Anne Coulter should be gang-raped and extending various other threats and vulgarities her direction and saying bush needs to be assasinated. there's extreme hatred and spite espewed from both sides of the political spectrum, which doesn't get our country anywhere.

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