Saturday, February 17, 2007

Snowy, Snowy Cartoon Night

It started up late this afternoon and stuck. It's still going.

Betsy was supposed to bring Harper and Phoebe over today and we were going to go pick up some Nubian and La Mancha does today. We will try again tomorrow. So...I've been snug in the house most of the day with the exception of 8:00 a.m. milking and unfreezing the outdoor faucet. I need to get that faucet a condom. It has to run flat out...not not freeze.

Violette has been inside most of the day. She's my little polled and outrageously spotted kid. She seems to have gotten a spider bite or something on the end of her widdy nose and it's ballooned up like she's been hitting the gin too much.

Blinkin' is on the porch with Pearlie. Decided to give milking Blinkin' a try. She's not trained for that. It will be like milking a cat. I will no doubt be cursing and foaming at the mouth in the morning.

I've already vegged out to Basilisk and am going to slake my lust for cartoons on Cartoon Network very shortly.

Stay warm. Time to feed BossyToe.


  1. chris said...
    Rosie, does Simone still act on occasion?
    Anonymous said...
    Sounds like fudge making weather to me, but what do I know? :)

    belledame222 said...
    It's beautiful. then again i always appreciate snow from far away, which doesn't include right now in NYC alas. (mmmm. grey slush)

    CN is one of the few things i miss about my long-since cancelled cable TV.

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