Monday, February 19, 2007

Monday. 'Nuff said.

Even Mondays on the farm can be sort of crappy.

I never really had jobs where Monday reared its ugly head and I had to drag myself into a 9 to 5 gig that my heart wasn't into. That's because I was stupid. It is largely this stupidity that led me to my current wonderful if penurious existence. If you are smart, you put up with a bit of discomfort at a job that doesn't completely fulfill you.

It's why they call it "work".

It allows you to do the stuff you really want to do. You've completely misunderstood if you think work is something you want to do.

Money isn't everything. I'd just like an opportunity to empirically prove this statement. I'll need lots of cash to do this.

No, my jobs were exciting, rewarding and ultimately damaging to my health. That's the bad thing about jobs you love. You don't know when to quit.

I get up this morning and go to get the milk for the bottles and check on my charges.

Violette meets me at the door of the dog crate projectile vomiting. Goat vomit is not a pretty thing. They usually do it when they've eaten something they shouldn't have. In Violette's case it looks like too much alfalfa chaff.

So now, my poor little possum not only has a freakishly bulbous nose, but is very sick to her tummy. This is serious. Most goat deaths involve their digestive tracts. So, I shoot her up with C & D Anti-toxin and give her some orally and some mylanta. I hold her on my lap with her head slightly lowered so she can continue to upchuck all the nastiness in her belly. There is a lot of it. She looks like she's feeling slightly better so I let her have a nurse on her mom. I leave her out there for a while then bring her back in.

Rinse, shampoo, repeat.

We get to do it all over again in another few hours. This has been the sum total of my activities today. Hold baby goat's head while it throws up.

I'm covered in goat vomit. I've gone through a stack of towels that she's puked all over. I think we finally got it all out and now I'm keeping her happy ass inside and giving her Pedialyte until I'm sure her rumen has recovered.

The Goat Yoda was helpful as always. She has taught me well. When I called, she said I'd done exactly what I was supposed to do.

I wonder if I'm clear to take a shower yet?

Thus Speaketh the Goat Yoda!

Speaking of the Goat Yoda!!! She has joined us in the Blogosphere to preach her righteous and wholesome message to the Goatitudes. Here's her "about me" blurb:

Betsy aka 'the goat yoda'

I was raised in Kingsport, TN and decided that the city was not for me. My husband and I live in Cosby, TN with my goats, our dogs and cats and a flock of chickens. Our girls are grown and gone, so we have to have something to occupy our time! Time to grow our own food, and be sustainable on the land. We support ideas like permaculture and bio-dynamics, as well as community supported agriculture and all natural gardening techniques.

If you like the idea of what I do...I'm sure you'll love what Betsy has to offer.

She's just started blogging so get over there and give her some love!


  1. Housewife said...
    You really expect us to comment on this?

    It's likely I've eaten my last bit of goat cheese... ever.

    You're a saint, a crazy one but a saint nonetheless.
    Rosie said...
    That's why I live in the high reaches, Housewife...'tis only fit for madmen and saints.
    Anonymous said...
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
    Rosie said...
    I've just had to the third anonymous craven crazy wacko stalker post slandering BBC.

    Please stop doing that. You are very boring and no one has the slightest interest in what you have to say. You aren't welcome here. Go away.
    BBC said...
    Let me know who it is Rosie and I will go to their blog with a piece of my mind.

    Shoot, you are no more crazy than I am. Oh, wait. LOL

    Anyway, being up chucked on a lot doesn't sound like a lot of fun.

    I wanna buy a bit of your goat candy. Is there a way?

    Have a great day. Hugs.
    Rosie said...
    Hey BBC...

    I don't know who it is because they are posting anon. I don't want to disable that because one of my fav commenters posts anon. This is the same idiot that has been on Anne's blog.

    I sent you an email about fudge procurement...should be in your yahoo box.
    Anne Johnson said...
    I got that Anon troll about Billy too. Just brings up the comment quota.

    I had Monday holiday which I used to take the daughters to a movie. Today was the first day back at a job I don't like, but you just made it look doggone swell instead of being what I pretend to be, which is a goat judge.

    Some bored god must have been looking out for me when I was young, because I lived in the mountains and I never owned a goat.
    Mallow said...
    Woah- a goat yoda. No need to tell me to get over there... I'm there dude!
    Anonymous said...
    Dammit, Rosie,

    I sent you a PM DAYS ago and neither a reply nor my fudge is here yet. DAYS, I tell you. May we blame this one on the Patriarchy, and on IT?

    Hopeful in Hartford (Naw, the other 'un)


    PS Please don make me sign up with another of these damn join to post systems. Ewick don like 'em.
    googiebaba said...
    Hi Rosie, I hope everything is clean at your place and Violet is feeling better. I don't know much about goat vomit, but trust me, after a year of motherhood, I have had my fair share of bodily fluids.
    Rosie said...
    JohnieB! Email me, darlin'! PM's are notoriously glitchy on my dial-up. I didn't get one! I swear!

    If you catch me on gmail, you can chat me there, but I'm not sure it works half the time either. Will leave comment over on TGW for you.


    I'm not planning to turn off my anon posting unless things get out of hand.
    Holly said...
    i spent the last 24 hours covered in goat vomit as well, so i feel your pain sister!
    Rosie said...
    Thanks for visiting, Holly. So sorry and hope your bout of goat vomit is over soon and your goat recovers. This was the first of two rather serious cases I've had on the farm in the past month. Both pulled through, but the second one was more severe and I almost lost her.

    If you leave your blog address, I'll be happy to visit you. Your profile is not available.

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