Sunday, February 11, 2007

What? Me Worry?

Don't know why I was ever concerned about how these two would get along. Max has fallen under BossyToe's spell. Max is my self-appointed cocker spaniel stock dog. This basically means he chases the goats back in the fence when they get out. Unless one of them decides to make a "stand". In which case, Max yelps like his tail is on fire and runs back to me. A few of the goats have taken note of this behavior and more of them are giving Max the finger...or the case may be.

I did my first disbudding today. I nabbed Rose, the smallest of the triplettes and I think I did a pretty clean job of it. It's a dreadful job. I held Rose on my lap in the porch rocker and each time she started to freak out, I'd stop and rock her. This seems to calm her down much as it does a human child. We took our time, but the screaming was terrible. When I was done, the entire herd had left the property. Even BossyToe.

Goats are smart. If torture is happening and you can leave....Leave.

No worries about Max though. He's turning into a right nice goat daddy. He's licked BossyToe from one end to the other. He's having a bit of a hard time translating dog play to goat play and I've had to remind him to be gentle. She's putting up with it. She's not thrilled about all the dog slobber all over her where Max keeps licking her.


  1. Anonymous said...
    And if it's happening, and you can't leave, what do you suppose happens?

    Rosie said...
    Well, Johnie...if you are a goat it probably means you're next.

    If your are me, it means I'm about to get my ass kicked for trying to stop it...then I'm next.

    Unfortunately, this torture is part of good goat management.
    busybusymomma said...
    Your goats are so sweet looking! My mom raises nubians, we get raw goat's milk part of year. :o)

    So far I've managed to never be at the 'farm' when the disbudding is going on. The birthing part is cool, disbudding not so much.

    (btw, I saw your comment at bluemountainmama's blog and accidentally clicked on you and then saw you have goats)
    belledame222 said...
    awww! you should totally send those to Cute Overload or something. cute cute cute!

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