Sunday, February 04, 2007

Goat Naming

Well, I've got some names selected for the goats and thought I'd share.

Everyone has had such excellent suggestions and I certainly appreciate the help.

Anne Johnson suggested "Bridey" for Black Doe after the Celtic goddess Brigid who the Christian religion redecorated as St. Bride. It's always nice when a lonely goddess gets to reinvent herself. This is most appropriate since Black Doe was born so close to Imbolc aka The Feast of St. Bride. St. Bride travels the countryside with her favorite white cow on this night blessing both the people and the livestock. You can read all about her and why this is such an inspired choice here.

I couch this in the Christian phraseology lest one think I've returned to my Druidic past...though once a tree worshiper, always a tree worshiper. And I really think of myself more as an Episcopalian than a Christian. I was only sucked back into Christianity in the hopes of a damn good french toast casserole.

Since we all hope dearly that Bridey will survive and grow into a prodigious milker, giving us yoghurt and cheese and kefir and all things of dairy goodness, I think it appropriate that she have the name of this so very generous-hearted goddess and saint.

...Well, one must love her.
In thinking of her
There's no denial
She must have been
A sort of trial
Unto her kin.
The moral, too, seems rather quaint.
WHO had the patience of a saint,
From evidence presented here?
Saint Brigid? Or her near and dear?

~The Giveaway
from The Love Letters of Phyllis McGinley

For the triplets, I've decided to go with the names of the triplets from Les Triplettes de Belleville. If ever there was a film completely freaking robbed of its Oscar...and they are was this on. It was simply too smart for "the Academy". And they run into the Pixar geeks at dinner parties. Those names are Violette, Blanche, and Rose. I'm not sure which is the one who uses explosives to catch frogs for dinner, but this is something I desperately need to know. These are also the colors of the French flag...also appropriate with my love of the traitorous French and all things frenchified with the exception of Freedom French fries.

Once I can catch and photograph those three little wreckers, I'll need your help deciding which one is which.

Betsy and crew have already named Harper's little doe, Phoebe. I haven't seen her yet.

So, we have BossyToe, Bridey, Violette, Blanche, Rose, Phoebe, Kidzilla and one unnamed little buck kid. I don't encourage naming the little bucks. His name very well might end up being "Mr. Cabritto". If you want to name him, you may...just remember...Kidzilla and Mr. Cabritto aren't going to be staying. I do have an interested party who says they'd like them as grass cutters and I think Kidzilla might have a career as a pack goat given how enormous and sweet tempered he's going to be...but I can't make any promises.

They may very well end up at a barbecue stand near you.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Je d'accord, all the way round. Les Triplettes du Hartford may not win an Oscar either, which may prove something. I bow before your greater expertise in matters academy and goat.

    Anonymous said...
    Brigit was supposed to be a cow goddess as well, but I can see St. Brigit in her abbey tending a herd of white does......

    Goat Yoda
    Anonymous said...
    Makes sense: a herdswoman. And "Howdy to you, Ma'am."

    Marianne said...
    Congratulations!! Great names all, and I know you're not looking for more but thought I'd share the name of my mother's goat when she was a child in Oregon c. 1926 -- Arabella Angelina Anastacia May. Why do I remember this? Shrug. One of those things that just stuck.
    Anne Johnson said...
    Nothing has made me happier in the last 3 months than to have a goat named after Brighid. "Bridey" was always the way we said it in the mountains.

    As for my blog on your seating chart, you'd best put me in the kitchen so that the rest of the guests won't lose their appetites for your food porn.

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