Thursday, November 01, 2007

All Saint's Day

Just checking in. I'm taking a little break to do some light journaling after this past month's grueling story schedule. I'll be spending some time over on EditRed fine tuning some things and getting some feedback from my peers. You can visit that page if you want to read the stories all the way through without the breaks.

In really good news....I now have a brand new baby great-nephew! His name is Cliff and he was born on Halloween! How great is that! Cake AND candy on your birthday! I have such amazing memories of my great aunts when I was growing up that I'm thrilled to be a great auntie.

I do have some very sad news. The entire kid herd was stolen from the property on Monday while I was at the vet's office with Fat Buddy. I was hoping that perhaps they had slipped the fence while I was gone and would show back up here, but it now looks as if they were indeed stolen. I'm not sure exactly what sort of amazingly evil bastard could do such a thing. But, I guess the temptation of beating up on an impoverished disabled woman with failing kidneys was just too attractive a proposition to pass up.

So...BossyToe, Bridey, Phoebe, Vivi, Blanche and Rose are gone. I'm really heartbroken. All of you were right here while I kidded them all and sat up nights with them when they were sick.

And, unfortunately I just don't have the resources to do anything about it right now with 20 bucks to get through the next three weeks. Hopefully, they will leave me alone now long enough so I can finish getting my house packed up so I can get it on the market.


  1. Leeuna said...
    That's just terrible! I am so sorry about all the trouble you are having. You deserve better. Do you have any idea who might have taken them? Isn't that in the same category as cattle rustling? The sleeze bags!!!!
    Take care and stay safe.

    kazari_lu said...
    that's terrible, horrible news.
    take care.
    Manerva said...
    Oh Rosie, I am so, so, sorry. I can't even comprehend who/why someone would do this to you. I was sad to hear your selling your place, but on this note- get the hell out of there and while your working in it- keep your gun loaded in case the bastards come back.

    My thoughts are with you and your animals where ever they may be.

    Erica said...
    That is one of the most seriously f**ked up things I've ever read. Can you not report this to the police? How could somebody have known you would have been gone long enough that they could rush in, usher the goats out into whatever waiting automobile, and be outta there, without a trace, before you got back?

    It's the lowest of the low, and I really hope that, regardless of whatever $$$ you have [I usually have less than you, so I definitely understand not knowing where the next meal is going to come from], there is something you could do within your power to report your kidnapped goats as missing, and that serious action will be, or could be taken to find them.

    What horrible dooshbags.
    Anonymous said...
    Like I told you when we spoke- make a police report- if they do show up at an auction or such, taking the report, plus pictures of each of them will help you get them back- and a reward poster will help- money is not the object- just say reward offered. Faith will bring the $$ for the reward and the goats home if they are supposed to be home.
    seejanemom said...


    Are you SURE??? My Bossy?

    I can't cry because I am too F*CKING ANGRY.


    Maridmitch said...
    Would it help to call the county sheriff and report the theft?

    That is terrible! People used to get severely punished for livestock theft.
    Anonymous said...
    Rosie, PLEASE!!!!!

    Put a page up on SMB of pictures of all of them and that you believe them to be stolen- the URL to the page can be sent to all animal rescue ops, police agencies, humane societies, goat lists, sale barns, etc. etc. and file a police report- with copies of pictures in hand and a copy of the police report, the thieves can be caught at sale barns, flea markets, etc. I've seen it happen.

    *PLEASE* don't roll over on this- Phoebe is my baby too and I won't let her go without a fight! Your friends won't let it go either- Dory is so sad that Phoebe is gone....
    Audubon Ron said...
    Sorry Rosie. That definitely sucks.
    Omnibus Driver said...
    Dear God, Rosie! I am so sorry to hear this. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help. Anything at all.
    Rosie said...
    Betsy, I have filed a report with the sheriff's office. I can't leave here tomorrow to go hang out at the sale barn and risk the rest of them being taken. If you guys want to go by there tomorrow and see if they are there, the sheriff's deputy said just to call them if they show up here. Vivi is the easiest to spot.

    I just don't know what to do...I'm exhausted and overwhelmed with the sadness and my complete lack of faith in humanity in general at this point.
    Sue Doe-Nim said...
    I could see how that would be tempting.

    I always have a really hard time resisting the urge to kick homeless guys in the shins. Especially when they look ill.

    And on a lighter note I spent Halloween smashing the pumpkins that the 8 year olds carved.

    It felt really good and my parents are proud of me.
    Mary said...

    I am so sorry about the goats being taken. You must be devastated. I'm glad to know that you reported it to the sheriff's office. My prayers are with you. I do hope you get the goats back.
    threecollie said...
    That is appalling. I hope you find them!
    Peggy said...
    Rosie, I am so sorry. Can't you call the sheriff and have them notify livestock auctions in the area to watch for them? I am so sorry things are going so badly for you. Hope your property sells soon and you have a wonderful new farm waiting for you
    rockync said...
    Rosie, I've found your blog via Erica and I'm glad I did. I can't tell you how sorry I am to hear of your goat-napping. That is profoundly horrible! I plan on running a few dairy goats in the spring; I'm putting up fence and a small barn now. I am blessed to have a couple of neighbors who are close enough that they can see if anything is happening at my place.
    I hope somehow they are found, but your sheriff's dept is probably like most others in these parts and they'll give it a low priority. I hope wherever you are going now that you will continue to blog. I'm amazed already at the little I've read; you do have a gift.
    Jean said...
    Read about this horrible news at Erica's... I am so sorry!

    (I hope this isn't tacky-timing, but if you are still selling fudge and soap I'd be interested in buying some.)
    Jbeeky said...
    I can not believe it, I am so very sorry. You certainly do not deserve this and i hope they are found and returned. I am just so sorry, sweetie. I am sending you and e-hug, complete with my trademarked rocking back and forth. I hope things get better.

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