Saturday, November 24, 2007

I Can Has Baklava?

So, on Wednesday I did my shopping and, wonders of wonders, there in the Newport Walmart as I walk in the door are Baklava platters. So, of course I grabbed one. Such a fancy luxury food item is rare here. They have sort of begun to carry a few things that I wouldn't expect to find there. Like sushi nori...but it's not the good kind and I think I'm the only one who buys it when I'm out of the good stuff. And until there is a decent place to buy fish, it's sort of useless anyway.

So, Scott had a piece and I had some. I left it in a safe place when I went for Thanksgiving lunch with Betsy and her family.

As we were leaving the restaurant, Betsy says, "I got a Baklava Plate yesterday!"

"I did too!" I said. Great gastronomic minds think alike.

Anyway, I got home and no baklava. My safe space had been cracked by the cocker crew. They had also gotten into the trash to divert my attention from their little baklava caper.

Nod toward I Can Has Cheezburger? It's a very funny animal blog. A little cat heavy, but very entertaining.


If you are following The Ghosts are Dancing story, the second installment is up on Editred. Readers only, but if you'd like to be a reader, all you have to do is join then email me with your ID. It's free. And I sort of have to know who you are.

Here's an excerpt:

So, Lurlene was awake when the rains began. She heard the first few drops hit the tin roof with hard fat plinks. She didn’t think much of it, at first. It was the logical conclusion to a windy evening. She just kept reading through her tear soaked eyes. She crawled under the covers when the rains began in earnest. The rain on the roof was a white noise that would eventually lull her to sleep. At least, that was how it usually was. She wished for sleep though she did not pray for it. She’d lost her faith in prayer.

And as her eyes closed to the roar of the rain on the roof, she sort of thought it was louder than usual. She sort of thought it seemed like a wall of water was falling on the roof. But finally she dozed off with the light still on to the sound of the pounding rain. Bridey sensed her warmth as she curled up in the bed and rolled over toward her warmth. The toddler slept right through it. Bridey slept right through it. And Lurlene, she finally slept and she slept right through it.

She slept through it because she was tired and weary.

Weary in her woman’s bones.


  1. Hayden said...
    Now that is a very determined little face! Yep, guilty as charged.
    karen said...
    That is one scary picture!

    A couple of months ago, Dinah took a whole casserole of lasagna off the counter, carried it into the dining room (lest you think she has no manners) and ate the whole thing. She was mighty proud of herself, too, I'll tell you.

    Since I'm laid up and immobile (grrr) I'm going to spend time tomorrow reading your fiction on the other site. At least there'll be one good thing to come of all this...

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