Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sort of a "I Got Nothin" Day". I'm concerned that I have no food for you for tomorrow. I was thinking about getting one of those pink snowball creme-filled cakes I've gotten hooked on while writing my Lucius character...he is also insane about those things. I'm sure you've seen them. They are a color of pink that doesn't occur in nature and have chocolate cake covered in marshmallow and then pink coconut. Mrs. Freshley's makes them. Truth is...I've lost my appetite and it's a sort of weird thing for me with only one precedent that I recall. But even then, I was obsessed with the food channel...even though I didn't actually want to eat anything. Those awful little cakes seem to go down fairly easily and I understand why Lucius likes them so much with his sore mouth.

It's been bitterly cold today and a little snow came down. Not enough to really make a difference but a reminder that I'm at a high elevation.

I spent most of the day screwing up my courage to call the nephrologist. When I finally did, it was after 3.

I explained to the nurse that I didn't really see the need for me to do another collection and that we should just go ahead and schedule the biopsy. I told her it didn't look like it was going away on its own and that my side was now hurting. Not badly. Actually it's been throbbing for some time now, but I just figured it was my hip or something. Given the severity of my normal aches and pains and what I'm used to dealing with on a day to day basis...this was nothing. So...I ignored it. Because I wanted to. looks like that's my right kidney.'s been a blah sort of day. I get those sometimes.


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