Sunday, November 04, 2007

Happy Sunday ~ Babies

I stayed in bed a long time this morning. I don't think I felt well enough to rise until almost noon, and when I did, I could barely walk. Such is life with the Red Wolf. When emotion overflows to the point of overwhelming, as this past week has done, the Red Wolf comes out to play and gnaws on the bones of the living. He is particularly fond of my bones.

First I took a shower and stood under the hot water as long as I could bear it. I put on my crippled pants and shirt...the things I wear when my range of movement is so restricted that I can't handle buttons and zippers. I knew I was going to probably collapse onto the couch and lay there for the rest of the day. But life wasn't quite done chewing on me.

I hobbled out onto the front porch and looked toward the pasture.

The Babies were there. They were back. They had either escaped from where they were being restrained or whoever had taken them had gotten spooked and brought them back. They looked at me with sad eyes and said nothing.

"Ickle Goats!!!" I cried joyously at them and limped out to them.

They were back, but they were thinner, dying of thirst and stank of ketosis. They were also very leery and looked at my two legged form with suspicion. Wherever they were being held, they were not fed or watered properly and were treated roughly. That much was clear. Goats returning from the wild wood would have been fat and would have smelled of leaf mold and pine needles. Not stale urine and starvation. And besides, my Babies would not have been able to stay away that long had they not been locked up somewhere.

Two things happened that probably facilitated their return. Betsy, The Goat Yoda, went to the stock yard yesterday for me and talked with some of the employees about the theft. And this morning, the local paper had a report titled, "Nubian Goats on the Lam", about the theft.

I forced myself to load them up in the Jeep and took them to Betsy's for safe keeping. It's just nuts. I have over 20 acres and I'm having to board my livestock thanks to the whackadoodles harassing me. It was really heartbreaking to listen to BossyToe screaming like a toddler as I walked away. But at least they will be safe there.

So, the Babies are back!

And that is indeed occasion for a Happy Sunday.

I must go lay down now.


  1. bonnie said...
    GOOD. I am SO glad to hear that.

    Now if only el lupo would give you a break at least while you do what you have to do there.

    But at least the kids are back.
    Mary said...
    Prayers have been answered. I did pray for the safe return of your goats and am happy that they have been returned. Yes, it's sad that you have to board them when you have so much land at your home place. However, you know your babies are safe where they are.

    Maridmitch said...
    Great news, Rosie. They came back in dubious condition, but some TLC will fix them up.

    Either your friend Betsy or the article did the job. They'll be safer over at her place for the time being.
    Whichy said...
    I am so pleased for you!! I have just started reading your blog, (and am almost always a lurker) I had gone back and caught up on quite a bit of your history. I was so mad and sad for you when you wrote about the goats missing.

    I hope you feel better soon, and have good luck with your move.
    Jean said...
    Wonderful news!
    Take care of yourself now so you can take care of the babies later.
    Anonymous said...
    so glad you got your goats back. like whichy said, ive been lurking around the blog for the past couple of months and i know how much you love your goats. i have pets too and i couldn't imagine losing them.
    Erica said...
    That is the best news! I'm so glad everything turned out alright.
    GUYK said...
    This is good you need to get a double barreled 12 gauge and hope you can find catch the goat rustlers.

    I am a firm believer that there is just one absolute moral no no..and that is the taboo against theft..all others are just a code to live by but thievery is what causes the problems in society.
    Audubon Ron said...
    Congrats, they're back. Wonderful.

    Come visit me soon, I'm preaching now.
    Gypsy said...
    This is wonderful news! With good food and a gentle hand they will good as new in no time.

    Have you thought about a large dog? It does not have to be mean, just big...and good with goats. Heck, or small and loud...Maybe you could just borrow one for a couple of weeks.
    CLD said...
    Thank goodness they were able to come home.
    belledame222 said...
    rockync said...
    HURRAY!!!!! I'm so glad they are back but I'm sorry you still don't know who took 'em. Not too much fun having to look over your shoulder all the time and wonder...
    threecollie said...
    Grand! I am delighted you got them back. You must have some real SOB's for neighbors. What a shame that you can't have your babies at your own place.
    Sharon said...
    I'm so very happy about the goats. They are such sweet, affectionate animals. Be strong.

    Omnibus Driver said...
    Rosie, that's wonderful news. It does indeed stink that you have to board the babies for a while, but at least they're back!!!

    Big hugs to you!
    Sue Doe-Nim said...
    Like it or not, you are someone's mother.
    joated said...
    I just came over from Erica's to say how sorry I was to hear that your babies were gone.

    But, instead I get to say how happy I am to see that you'[ve got them back!

    Guess getting the word out via the stock yard and the paper put the fear of God into whoever took them in the first place. Let's hope that there might have been a little judicious use of physical justice involved too. Nothing too serious, however, jsut a month or two shovelling out someone's barn so as to contemplate the error of his way.
    Velociman said...
    I think we should all watch the goatse video in celebration of their return.
    erin ambrose said...
    hey hey rosie.....i havn't checked yr blog in a while now as i've sold the farm and evertything is kinda nutty.....and also cuz your blog makes my computer wig out and the fan comes on....hmmmmm. but i'm glad the kids are back....but sorry you are left no doubt with the linger weirdness that someones out to fuck with you. i hope your place sells swiftly....where eill you go????

    i'm movin' down closer to santa fe....a little farming caretake for a woman, 60 acres, my own little house....all my sheeps and chicks can come,and the llamas are there!
    cheers rosie and take care of you eh?

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