Monday, November 05, 2007

Lady Bug, Lady Bug....

Lady Bug, Lady Bug
Fly away home!
Your house is on fire
and your children will all burn.

For some reason, I remember as a child singing this rhyme...but doing so when I was trapping ant lions. Did you ever do that? You know, those little cone shaped indentations in the soft dirt? I'd squat with my chubby knees sticking out and put a tiny bit of leaf or grass in the little indentation. The ant lions would come to the surface and I'd scoop them up in my hand. Their tiny pinchers tickled the skin of the palm of my hand. It was such a fun feeling.

But the lady bugs arrived today. Which means the weather is about to turn cold. They swarmed over everything on my porch. They will gradually try to work their way into the walls of the house and the doors of the jeep. They will give off an unpleasant odor. Right now, they are still pretty and red, but they will turn a sort of dull orange. What is welcome in the summer, becomes a pest when winter draws near.

The wind started howling today. Perhaps it was this wind that blew the lady bugs to shelter. But it is a strange dry wind. I'm used to the big clouds and rain coming across the mountain when the wind blows...but this dryness is parching.

I want to thank everyone who prayed and wished well for the Babies' return. We should also probably pray for whoever it was that took them. I'm not sure what sort of dreadful poverty of spirit caused them to take them in the first place. But it must be very painful to live with that sort of meanness in one's heart. I'm very glad they are back.


  1. wen said...
    i am so glad they are back. (did they all get returned?) i hope you feel better soon, too.
    Nancy said...
    I'm so glad they're back. I hope and pray that the miscreants (not the word I wanted to type at first, but that other word would possibly have been somewhat less than charitable and you're wanting us to pray for the misbegotten miscreants(okay, I slipped up a little there))

    Now, where was I? Oh,yah. I hope the miscreants learned not to steal other people's dreams and loves. I hope and pray that they really did return them with at least a little remorse.

    Uhmmm I'm still working on forgiveness--'specially 'cause I was robbed not long ago.. and it's not that they got something nearly as valuable and irreplaceable as your babies--(cause they didn't), but that I feel a little guilty about being the reason (or excuse)for two young men to cause their families such pain and sorrow. See, they caught my little critters and one of them is/was only 13...he's being handled by the juvie system. The other was his 21 year old cousin. No hope there. That one is going to prison for several years.

    The police didn't bring them in. Their mothers did.

    That had to hurt.
    Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...
    I love ladybugs. i wondered where they went in the Winter.
    As i remember the last line of the rhyme, "Your children are all alone."
    Then you blow on them and they fly away. I still do this.

    I am glad you wee goats are home. Sorry they seem to have a difficult time.
    Anonymous said...
    ... speaking of ladybugs, do you know the old Tom Waits song "Jockey Full of Bourbon"?..... it is quite catchy....

    belledame222 said...
    yipe! i don't remember the second half of that little ditty...

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