Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sure...he looks like he's politely begging here and asking very nicely if he can have one of those cucumber rolls...but mere moments ago he nonchalantly took one off the plate.

"Hmmm...Hors d'oeuvres? Don't mind if I do!"

Since his mouth is feeling so much better, he's felt capable of trying to raid the kitchen counter a few times. So, The Fat Buddy is officially back in the house!

Someone asked me the other day on one of the Cocker lists how old he was.

"Well, he's only 11," I said, "But a lifetime of chronic illness, poor exercise habits, sedentary lifestyle, too much sugar, obesity and a history of drug use make him seem much older."

Wait a minute...exactly who am I describing here?

Anyway, I'm attending a goat roast tonight. Yes, you heard me right...a goat roast. Open pit barbecued goat, sweet potatoes, collard greens and lots o' beer. I'm not acquainted with the goat in question so I'm sure he'll be delicious.


  1. ginviren said...
    I'm glad to hear Fat Buddy is doing better!

    What does goat taste like? I've never been able to bring myself to eat it since the first "goat roast" I went to was serving a little goat I had bottle-fed from childhood (kid-hood?).
    Sue Doe-Nim said...
    *scratching head in wonderment*

    Goyim.... can't figure them out.
    threecollie said...
    Glad to see Buddy feeling better...It always killed me that the kids went to school with a girl named Chevon. Didn't her parents ever look it up?
    Mary said...
    Well, it appears that Fat Buddy is back in form and I'm so glad. It seems his life has been a trial and I'm glad he has you to care for him in his senior years.

    Take care, Rosie.

    Hayden said...
    yumm yumm yumm! Eating a buddy is out of the question, but that doesn't put a moratorium on the entire species!
    Hobo Stripper said...
    I think you're awesome.

    Just sayin'...
    Audubon Ron said...
    ARCI Your write it; I read it!

    He’s definitely got that look “You know I’m here and I know I can stare you down and make you eventually crack.”
    kazari_lu said...
    hi rosie!
    I've only ever had 'jerk' goat, and that was so spicy i couldn't really tasty anything.
    i hope it went well!

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