Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I feel sick somewhere deep down in my soul. Even my bones are tired and screaming.

But Monday was not without excitement...though I seemed to have missed it all I suppose I have become accustomed to the drug choppers whirling overhead all summer. I sort of did the same thing when I lived in Atlanta in College Park. The planes from Hartsfield would fly over my little farm and you just got used to it.

But Friend Scott came by and filled me in. Evidently, the choppers were much more active and you could see the Task Force agents and wave at them. It must be why my kid herd freaked and escaped down the mountain. They are back now that the helicopters are gone.

This happened in Parrotsville so I'm not sure why they were buzzing us. They seized about 4000 really big pot plants in the middle of a corn field. I hope nobody loses their farm over it.

You can read about it HERE. And HERE.

I'm surprised they were doing as well as they were given the drought. It has evidently hit the illegal crops as hard as it has the legal ones.


  1. Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...
    First sign of Autumn, planes searching for the ganga! The war on drugs is another war the US is losing.
    4000 thousand plant is pretty small potatoes One operation just north of here was the size of two football fields. It took 19 dump truck loads to haul the evidence away.

    In Canada, the marijuana is sent to the US for cocaine and guns.

    Hydroponically grown stuff is ver common. Very powerful.

    Canada will be decrimatizing possession soon.
    samuel said...
    College Park? Hartsfield? Wow! I grew up in south Dekalb off of Moreland.

    I heard about the black helicopters on NPR today, and it made me angry and sad.
    david hayes said...
    I always wondered if you would be able to grow drugs in the middle of farmland. Apparently they'll get you even then... They're good, I guess.
    bluemountainmama said...
    wow....can you imagine standing near that burn pile? :)
    threecollie said...
    We get them here too, criss-crossing the place for hours. Because we are very near an airport the animals pay no attention though. they are used to things constantly buzzing over their heads.

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