Thursday, September 06, 2007

Mostly....I Gots Nothin'

Well, Childe Rabbit was gone from the gourd patch this morning. I choose to believe that one of his parental units came and got him and put him someplace much safer.

I've been really busy with some graphics work today. Thank the powers that be I've got a guest FPF tomorrow or I'd be running around my neighbors houses with my digital saying, "Hey! Whatcha got to eat? Can I take a picture of it?"

So...other than that...the phone connection has been really painful today.

Bell South...You are so dead to me.


  1. Paul said...
    Tried Skype?
    Daisy said...
    And actually calling BellSouth is one of those nightmarish tasks a couple fights over:

    You call!

    No, you call!

    Ad infinitum. ;)

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