Sunday, September 30, 2007

It's one of the most beautiful crops to see this time of year. And it will get even better than this. It reminds me so of the rape seed fields of France. They turned this amazing yellow color that stretched in patches for miles over rolling hills. If not for the crashing sinus headaches they could swear they were the prettiest sight you'd ever seen. Tobacco turns a color like that.

I went to church today. I hadn't seen Jimmy and Pam since the viewing for Mizz Kay-reen. I actually need to start getting up early enough to go to my church and then be at Jimmy's for his 1:00 service. It's not that I'm hyper religious or anything. Really, I could use more in the belief and faith department. Indeed, I'd have to say that I'm a very poor practitioner of any faith. I believe in science more than anything else. But I really miss listening to my Episcopal pastor's thought provoking sermons. They are as different as chalk and cheese from what Pastor Jimmy does. But I do come away from both experiences feeling really good.

Pastor Jimmy handled a northern copperhead today. I hadn't seen one of those before.

But 9:00 a.m. is really early for someone like me who stays up until 3:00 a.m. writing. I like the stillness of that time of day. I've been doing something really weird too. I've been writing and watching TV at the same time. I guess because I plot things out ahead of time, it's already sort of floating around in my head and I can just dump it into the laptop without thinking about it. Weird, huh?

Anyway...I'm sort of out of my depth with the train story. It's more the logistics of what it's like to be a fireman on a steam engine. I really don't have any idea what that feels like. So...I'll prolly do the story then go back and fix the technical bits later. I do like the feel of things to be I guess I'll need to get someone to help me with that part.

Happy Sunday


  1. Lee said...
    I often draw or play online with photoshop while watching at TV...I like the background noise

    I'm looking forward to spooky October stories, sounds grandmother's people (who were from Asheville) were railroad folks, I have some cool old shots of wrecks at the turn of the old RR lantern too...train stories can be very spooky
    DaisyDeadhead said...
    That tobacco-field smell is something else, nothing like it! My mother's family farmed tobacco in NC, WV and southern Ohio, before moving to the cities.

    In spring, I can leave Mass and be surrounded by blooming, brilliant peach blossom trees around my church; it's funny I hardly notice them before church, but when I leave, I instantly feel/see their presence as a blessing. I think the purpose of church is to make us aware like that, or as Celie memorably said, it pisses God off when you walk by the color purple in a field and don't notice it. :)

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