Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Apple Blossom Time

Betsy and I went to Carver's for lunch. The orchards are blooming. Very pretty.

I've been following the Pope's visit to NYC with interest. It occurred to me that being German, he's no doubt a sausage eating fool. I hope some of the Tennessee Catholics have made sure his Holiness has been able to sample some of our excellent whole hog sausage. I'm partial to Swaggerty's, myself.


  1. Mike Golch said...
    my Uncle makes his own sasuage man I love it when he does.
    John J said...
    Did you make the Pope Dalek? That is awesome.

    As far as sausage goes, I could probably eat my weight in Mayo's brand smoked sausage. Man, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. We don't have any in the house, so I'm going to go console myself with my default comfort food. One fried egg sandwhich, coming up.

    John J (a.k.a Nashville.buzznet, a.k.a. Fhursday's hubby, a.k.a. myspace/techgrunt, a.k.a. ...)
    Peggy said...
    Oh how I miss the apple blossoms. Don't see any around here. All the goats are doing great. Bossy is still the great escape artist. She truly wants to be a human and live in the house. LOL
    Jessica said...

    My husband is filming in New York this week. He has three locations tomorrow and it's the last day he has to shoot.


    Rosie said...
    Hey John! It's so good to hear from you--I haven't heard from you in a long long time--I don't spend much time on Buzz anymore. Technology is leaving Grassy Fork in the dust and we cant keep up.

    The Pope Dalek comes from Ship of Fools. I don't know if they still have him running around there. He's actually an animated gif and I don't think he works on my blog. He goes around saying "Excommunicate! Excommunicate!"

    Hey Peggy! Give Bossy a snuggle for me.
    Mallow said...
    That looks more like a popemobile turret :) Do they make those for a Prius?

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