Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Catch Up...

Okay, a few "unforseen" things have happened this past month, so I'm going to give myself a week or so before beginning the promised story cycle.

I've had some really interesting ideas floating around about stories but I need to center myself after the most recent nastiness. It's really hard to get in a positive headspace to write positive or poignant love stories while there is ugliness around you.

Anyway, I did write this very interesting story called 48 Years the other day. It was prompted by a chance encounter I had in Asheville. It's up on EditRed if you are on my reader list. It's unlike anything I've ever written and it is the sort of story I was thinking of concentrating on this month. I always love my stories right after I write them--well--almost always, but this one feels sort of special.

Bebe Goatlie is doing fine. He's beginning to toddle around and discover the world. It's driving Rose nuts because she really believes he should never be more than 5 inches away from her. I brought him in last night because it was so cold. Max loves to lick and nibble his tiny hoofies.

Again, thank you all for your support of Friend Scott. I'll try to get him to guest blog one day to let you all know how he is in his own words.

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  1. Audubon Ron said...
    48 years. Good title. I would say mine was 52 years, but it's really 53. I'm not sure anyone would want to know all of those years. Some were fairly, wild and crazy. I have a hard enough time keeping regular readers as it is.

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