Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Okay, so I'm sort of being slack and just doing a post every other day. Honestly, though--I've got stuff I'm doing offline right now with the writing thing that's going to have me occupied for a bit. But hang on, because the spring story cycle will begin on Thursday, May 1st and will continue through the 31st. It will be another story a day event, and barring unforeseen catastrophe--that's what I'm planning. I haven't completely decided how I'm going to do this, but I'm thinking the majority will be flashes and drabbles with one or two serialized short stories.

Let me know what you think of this and if you have any "requests". You know...some story idea you don't feel comfortable writing but would like to see written in 1000 words or less. I'm also thinking about keeping one day a week for a guest blogger/writer to do a story. So, If you'd like to sign on to do some guest fiction--drop me an email. I think it would be sort of neat to have a bit of participation. So far, the theme I'm thinking about is "Love Stories about Nothin'". Absolutely no death elements allowed--unless there's some R & J or eternal lurve angle I'd like to explore. But a minimum of death elements.

Sheep came home yesterday. Chops, who basically lives to follow Mutton around and do as he's told, was very upset that he was required to figure out what to do. It took him 24 hours. All I can figure is that it must have been the sheep equivalent of losing your keys or your glasses for an entire day. He lowered his head at me, snorted and stomped his foot. Extremely petulant sheep.

Oh, and Popcorn Sutton was released from jail pending whatever they are going to do to him next. He's under house arrest.


  1. threecollie said...
    I am going to be looking forward to reading the new stories!
    Cappy said...
    You may want to keep the sheep away from Eric. They've been known to frequent his barbecues.
    Tara said...
    Oooh, I'm excited about the stories already! Last time you did this I spent hours reading them all.

    I'm up for some guest blogging, too, if you want.

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