Monday, April 14, 2008

Dogwood Winter

Big clots of snow came down in the rain that fell throughout the day. They called it Dogwood Winter. I suppose it might as well be Redbud Winter—since the redbuds are blooming too. I don’t think it was cold enough to freeze anything, but it was chilly.

I’m hoping to get a few good days—at least enough to dry sheep out. They stand out in the rain and snow looking stupid. It’s what sheep do best. Anyway, if I can get them dry, I need to shear them. It’s that time again.


  1. Mike Golch said...
    we had a bad frost last night I hope the redbuds survivrd as well as the dogwoods.
    bonnie said...
    Y'know, I've met a fair number of sheep. And I always wondered if maybe I was being prejudiced for thinking that they were, well, just not the brightest beasts in the barn. Maybe it was just because I didn't have the time to get to know the inner depth complexity of the ovine soul. Maybe if I had time to observe their behavior, some response deeper than AHHHH SCARY! when confronted with novel situations would emerge...

    But reading about your Mutton & Chops I begin to think that maybe my impression has indeed been correct all along.

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