Wednesday, April 09, 2008

BLAA. Blaa, blaa.

Which in sheep-eese means, I gots nothin'.

You can tell Mutton is the thinking sheep. See, sheep elect one member in a group to do all the thinking. It's a terrible fate, being a thinking sheep. It means everyone else has to follow you and do as you do. Blindly without question. Sheep are poorly suited to responsibility and it weighs heavily upon them. You can see that in his face. At least I can. He didn't ask to do all that thinking. It's just not fair.

The eye thing is still processing. I think I'm going to need to find a way to replace my trusty old Optiquest monitor. Got it for free through Freecycle. It's been great. Big, chunky and bright and best of all--free. Not so good for my new visually impaired state of being. It feels like it's burning holes through my bad eye. So, I guess I need to look for something that doesn't do that. My laptop isn't nearly as painful to look at.

Of course, if I put something up on Freecycle for that--I will look like all the idgits asking for wide screen TVs.


  1. Nancy said...
    Oh Rosie, I'm so sorry. Losing my sight altogether is my nightmare too. Keep looking on Craigslist and Freecycle and I'll pray that you find what you need.
    Margy Rydzynski said...
    I might also be able to help you adjust your monitor so that it'll be easier for you to see. You might end up needing to get another monitor, but let's see.


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